A Lighter Look At Life

Competition Crazy

I entered a competition last week,

 It wasn’t for the squeamish or the meek,

Tiebreakers, crosswords, a word search or two,

It took all day and a night to do. Phew!

I’ve won a few comping prizes before,

But this one topped all with prizes galore,

Holidays, cars, bikes and a shopping spree,

Necklaces, which would look just right on me,

Expensive meals out, new kitchens, the works,

Bathrooms and beds were just some of the perks.

I was almost giddy with nerves and joy,

Surely I’d win something, but what? Oh boy!

Then I saw the booby prizes and cried,

‘I know I’ll win one, but at least I tried’,

Baked beans, loo roll, bin liners, take your pick,

Don’t competitions like this make you sick?


Photo credit: Herinterest
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1 Response to A Lighter Look At Life

  1. jwebster2 says:

    You know the old saying, “Laugh while you’ve still got your teeth’ 🙂

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