My Weekly Writing Challenge

It’s Friday tomorrow and the start of Easter weekend. I wish you all a very happy Easter. Before you indulge in far too many chocolate eggs, here’s my new challenge for you:

Option one: Write a limerick with the word CHOCOLATE in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of HOLIDAYS

Option three: Write a ten-word story using all of the following words: EGGS, EYEBROWS, BREAK, TIZZY, and CHEATING

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word CODSWALLOP featuring in it somewhere. Here are the brilliant results:

Steve Walksy says he was inspired to write the limerick: ‘Since you like to introduce the world to British terms like ‘codswallop’ 🙂

How many composed people do yell!
When their home team scores not so well.
“That was a sitter!” They shout.
“Ou’nited lets sort it out!”
“Codswallop, my gran could do just as well!”

Keith Channing treats us to three delightful limericks:

“You are,” my dad said, “such a trollop.
You don’t walk with grace, you just lollop.”
I’ve heard this before,
Can’t take it no more,
The old man talks so much codswallop!

“Codswallop,” he said, pitching higher,
“You’ll wind up too deep in the mire.
It’s a gift to the bat
When you bowl it so flat,
You must set the stadium on fire.”

“I’ve just read a book by young Trollope,”
He said, tucking into a scollop.
“I found it prosaic
And truly archaic,
In fact, the whole thing was codswallop.”

Now it’s over to Graeme Sandford:

Codswallop Limerick #1

“There is no suitable place for codswallop!”
Wrote the writer Mr. Anthony Trollope
“Except in pure tripe,
Written when ripe;
Like in the Barchester’s – where there’s ‘many’ a dollop.”

Codswallop Limerick #2

Why do ‘two’ Limericks about Codswallop, when one would really do?
I should stop after the first attempt; that will surely do!
To over-egg the pudding
May cause the Limerick to malfunction
And you wouldn’t want that to happen – would you?

Codswallop Limerick #3

And as for a third Limerick; that would be really silly;
To write once more and again upon the ‘Cods-wallop-thing subject’ willy-nilly
So, defer, I shall
Lest my impressiveness should pall
And I then receive a reception rather chilly.

David Harrison’s limericks made me laugh:

Sister Anna put up a red light

To make extra money at night

It was wicked codswallop

To call her a trollop

She needed the dosh for a flight.


An MP devoid of a brain

Demanded a levy on rain

Of waffling codswallop

He served up a dollop

The Speaker cried “Out! You’re a pain!”

My second option for you was for a poem on the theme of TRANSPORT.

Rajiv Chopra was first in with a ‘poem on ‘Transport’, kinda inspired by our upcoming Holi festival’:

Grey, grey, the world is grey,
When I wake up every day.
What can I say, the world is drab,
And this makes us all feel sad.

One day, I heard of the festival Holi
I travelled to witness something holy.
What I found, shocked my senses,
The colours, the flowers, broke my fences.

The colours were my means of transport,
Taking my soul to a different port
The grey, I realised, was in my brain
Causing me much needless pain.

I now have become a Holy Fool
And now have made colours my tool
To transport people on a different path
Away, away from a dreary past.

Now Graeme Sandford turns his ‘obsession’ to the subject of transport, with many  a poem to enthrall us:

Transport poem #1

A Transport of Delight

On Shanks’s Pony
I stride along
Whilst singing a merry travelling song
Which is neither too short
Nor neither too long
It fits perfectly with the rhythm of my song
Left, right and repeat in turn
It was when I was one that this I did learn
And when I was twenty-one I earned my wings
And flew about upon suspended swings
For an aeroplane is not one of the things
That I would trust me with;
I could train to be a pilot
But, by train I prefer to go
Destination outward
Destination return
Travelling to and fro
And a bicycle made for two
Well that would never do
When I could have such fun
On a bicycle made for one
But, don’t try and tempt me with a unicycle
I would try and fail, or fall
So, don’t you be taking of the Michael
You may as well just saddle up that unicorn
For I was born to ride
Upon an iron horse
Or in a Viking longboat
Guided by the Norse god, Thor
It’s what my journeys are taken for.

Any way, I have transported myself much too much this time
And have to bide a while to recover the rhyme
So, in retrospect, ‘not’ to move is sometimes sublime.

Transport poem #2

Trains are fun;
Rails they run upon
Airports are busy,
Noisy and confusing
Spacecraft are cool;
Planets for the discovering
Omnibuses are red (mostly)
Routemasters definitely are;
Transporting me away.

Transport poem #3

“Steam trains obviously, my man!”
I thought that was a no-brainer
I’m not a diesel or electric train fan
I love the smoke, the steam, the feeling of nostalgia
When I travel upon the old rolling stock
Time goes back… tock!
To the olden days I shall stick
As I claim my third-class seat
And await the cry:
“All aboard for Adlestrop!”
Oh, for trains gone by.

Transport poem #4


My boat departs at three
And I shall be a stowaway ’til tea
Then I shall be a pirate
Or a pirate’s prating parrot
I don’t mind which
As all I want to say is
‘Pieces of eight!
Pieces of eight!’
I am no ancient mariner
I’m a cabin-boy in my head
I’ll sail the seven oceans
And count myself
As blessed
Until it’s time for bed.

Option three was to write a ten-word story using all of the following words: JOKE, SINGING, GRAHAM, GAZUMPED and VICTORY.

Sacha Black didn’t waste time in writing her funny story:

The joke’s on Graham; while singing ‘Victory’ he got gazumped.

Rajiv Chopra now entertains with his story:

Singing a joke, I gazumped Graham. Victory! I love you!

Sarah Evans‘ is a clever story:

Graham told a joke, got gazumped! So started singing victory. 

David Harrison says, ‘As you can see from the 10-worder I’m a Pompey fan with a gallows humour!’:

Graham’s singing was gazumped by Pompey’s victory at Arsenal…joke!



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59 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Hi Esther, have been quiet for a few weeks but here’s my Easter offering for you
    Guy’s cheating raised eyebrows; eggs break, everyone’s in a tizzy

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  3. EDC Writing says:

    ….cheating Tizzy raises eyebrows break dancing on eggs and tomatoes…

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  4. This was great, it really got the gears in my head spinning. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  5. Sacha Black says:

    “That’s CHEATING,” Tizzy said, eyebrows raised. “Stealing eggs breaks rules.”

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  6. Posted today as Limericking up for April

    Choc’late is so hard to rhyme,
    I’ve been trying it, time after time
    It seems such a waste
    As chocolate’s taste
    Is truly divinely sublime.

    The Doc says my pressure systolic
    Is high because I’m chocoholic.
    He says too much choc’late
    Will cause a small blocklet
    And give me a bad case of cholic

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  7. Helen Jones says:

    Happy Easter, Esther! Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you 🙂

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  8. All chocolate is so yummy,
    Especially when it’s inside your tummy,
    But you better beware,
    Too much is a snare,
    So hide all excess from your mummy.

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  9. TanGental says:

    I started this a while back, during a Caribbean holiday. The Soca Roca was the disco boat that cruised the bay. I’ve had a go at finishing it under the pressure of your prompt!

    Sonnet of Sand

    The Soca Roca thrums past, a rainbow
    On the puckered sea. Misshapen skulls,
    Guano iced, are parliament to trilling gulls
    Eyeing the coral fish, flashing their tarty show.
    Cinnamon frosted babies, paint the beach
    With plastic spades; eyeless parents, basted
    For spit roasting; happy to have wasted
    Their nurtured cash on dark staining their peach
    White flesh. Seven days of frantic relaxation,
    Spent anxiously checking for zebra stripes,
    Are reward for a year’s dead-eyed toil. Gripes
    Are banned; they have their compensation
    In the form of a cheap booze-induced coma
    And the first stirrings of a melanoma.

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  11. Hi Esther I had a go this time, at the limerick challenge:
    Happy Easter Sunday!

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  13. Le Fragi says:

    I wanted to write a Limerick ’bout chocolate – just for fun
    But, I decided to write it whilst sat in the sun
    And before I’d even begun
    The words started to run
    And I had to throw the whole soggy mess away.

    PS actually, I ate it.


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  14. Rajiv says:

    Hi Esther

    Your challenges become more and more interesting. Here goes:
    10 word:
    “With my cheating eyebrows, I can break eggs, Miss Tizzy….”

    My mongrel verse on “Holidays”

    “Every day, my girlfriend says
    We must have a holiday.
    I was fed up, she eats my brain
    So, one day, to her I said:
    My dear, prithee, please don’t bray!

    She looked at me with killer eyes;
    And swatted me, like I’m a fly.
    Then screamed aloud for a holiday.
    Inside of me, I started to pray,
    And just dared to think: dear, please don’t bray!”

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  15. Le Fragi says:

    Chocolate Limerick #2

    There once was a chocolate so dark
    That it lived in a tree in the park
    It called itself Cyril
    But was spied by a squirrel
    Which ate it for some topical lark.


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  16. Le Fragi says:

    Chocolate Limerick #3

    At Easter the Chocolate is lush

    And we eat all we can in a rush

    From morning ’til night

    In this feast we delight

    And the results you can see in our tush!

    PS ‘Tush’ is another word for our botties

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  17. Le Fragi says:

    Chocolate LimerickPlus #4

    “Dark or Light? Fruit or Nut?”
    These were her words – were they not?
    She wanted to know
    If we were okay to go
    But they all missed the cut
    As the suitcase wouldn’t shut
    And so we ate them right there in Heathrow.


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  18. JasonMoody77 says:

    It romances the tongue like a dream
    And leaves you feeling rather serene
    But don’t do what Len did
    Or you’ll end up at the dentist
    And we all know that they’re rather mean

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  19. JasonMoody77 says:

    The chocolate bar was quite delightful
    But the pain soon after was frightful
    I don’t know about you
    But I now feel quite blue
    And my toothache has lasted since nightfall

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  20. JasonMoody77 says:

    One bar of chocolate a day
    The dentist won’t mind, that’s ok
    But eat more than one
    And it stops being fun
    And will lead to a lot of decay

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  21. JasonMoody77 says:

    I couldn’t stop eating, it’s true
    The chocolate pudding like glue
    It stuck to my teeth
    And just like s thief
    It’s taken my filling out too

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  22. Le Fragi says:

    Holidays Acrostic

    Holidays are great
    Obviously we hate it when they are over
    Late-rising becomes a thing of the past
    Industry or school or plain old being are the rule
    Days dragon, flying they were.
    Aardvarks never killed anybody (that I know)
    Yesterday we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun (well, we would have done… if it hadn’t poured down from dusk till dawn till dusk) which has left us all forlorn.


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