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Bite Size Writing Tips

If you’re writing something funny, don’t over-explain the humour. It’s very easy to feel as if you have to explain exactly why something is funny. You don’t. Keeping it brief and to the point will ensure the humour comes through. … Continue reading

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A Lighter Look At Life

While in a shop over the summer, I overheard a gentleman talking to one of the assistants. “Do you have a casserole?” he asked. The assistant looked a little puzzled for a moment before taking him over to the casserole … Continue reading

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A Lighter Look At Life

Unloved I’m not a creature who is loved the best, In fact, most say I’m an awful pest, It’s not my fault, I don’t mean to be, Nature made me as I am, you see, I love cats and dogs … Continue reading

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Markets For Writers

Are you a Writers Bureau student – past or present? Then why not enter one of their 30th Anniversary competitions – open to students new and old. To find out more, click on the following links: Proofreading Competition Book Review … Continue reading

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I Challenge You To…

My ‘Deer’ challenge set a couple of weeks ago produced some super stories, which I’ve already featured. Here’s another from Geoff Le Pard. Please click on the link to be thoroughly entertained: Nigel Deare and The Curse Of the Lillies #flashfiction … Continue reading

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Dynamic Dialogue Dialogue is good for imparting information, but only use it to impart necessary information. The reader doesn’t need to know every little detail e.g.: “I thought you were having your hair cut today,” Sally said. Her eyes narrowed, … Continue reading

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Keep it Short and Sweet Whether you’re writing an article, short story, or novel, think about your opening paragraph very carefully in terms of length. Often, as writers, we’re keen to get going and ideas are flowing, so we don’t … Continue reading

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