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A Poem For Friday

Tights Tights. Now there’s a word, Which is quite absurd, Panty hose is just as bad, And pop socks are a daft fad, The men all like stockings best, But those straps are such a pest, Knee highs seem to … Continue reading

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A Poem For Friday

When Will It End? Branches stab at me, Fingers uncoiling, reaching out, I push past them, panting, When will it end? Voices fill the air, Guttural, gathering momentum, Someone sees me, I shiver, When will it end? Lights fill the … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Spot

This week’s Guest Writer is Gopika N, a talented young poet who has appeared in this slot a number of times. Here is her latest stunning poem:   FAREWELL TO MY SOUL…   I am bidding a farewell, Waving my … Continue reading

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I Challenge You To…

Here is part two of my new weekly series where I set you a writing challenge. Here’s last week’s challenge if you missed it. This week, your challenge is to write about ‘socks’. Well, I didn’t say your challenge would … Continue reading

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Frivolous and Fun!

If you’re feeling the after effects of Christmas and feeling a little low, here’s a silly poem to cheer you: Who am I? I’m not a creature who is loved the best, In fact, most say I’m an awful pest, … Continue reading

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