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Bite Size Writing Tips

Be Accurate Facts and statistics are used in articles all the time. They often enhance an article, adding authority to it as well as interest. But those facts have to be right. You may have a deadline you need to … Continue reading

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Dynamic Dialogue Dialogue is good for imparting information, but only use it to impart necessary information. The reader doesn’t need to know every little detail e.g.: “I thought you were having your hair cut today,” Sally said. Her eyes narrowed, … Continue reading

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I Challenge You To…

This week’s photo prompt has been sent in by Sharon Harvey. Many thanks to Sharon: I hope her lovely photo inspires you to write a poem, limerick, or story. Enjoy and send them in! Last week’s challenge came in the … Continue reading

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Want to grab your reader’s attention right at the beginning of your story? Try shocking them: I knew she was dead even though the dull eyes stared back at me, mocking me, tempting me to raise the knife once more. … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Spot

Bindu Midha appeared as my Guest Writer a couple of weeks ago, with a lovely piece of writing. She has contacted me to let me know that she has just brought her first book out. Congratulations, Bindu! I’m sure you’ll … Continue reading

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I Challenge You To…

Photo Challenge Last week’s challenge was actually spread out over two weeks. Thank you for your patience! This week’s challenge is a photo prompt. I hope it sparks lots of ideas – for limericks, stories and poems: What’s the significance … Continue reading

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Markets For Writers

Who doesn’t love a twist-in-the-tale? If crafting a clever twist at the end of a story is your thing, then get creating! Writing Magazine are holding a Twist Short Story Competition. The closing date is 15th December 2018. Here is … Continue reading

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