Laughing Along With A Limerick

On Friday, for a bit of fun to cheer us up, I invited you to write an amusing limerick and you did just that. They all made me smile. I hope they make your Monday morning that little bit brighter.

Hugh Roberts:

There was a young actress called Sheila
Who drove her friends mad with her new feature
A strange ring through her nose
As big as her big toes
Made her look like an outa space creature.


There was a young man from Baghdad
Whose singing drove everyone mad
With no dulcet tones
Just screeching and moans
Yet, still he thought he weren’t bad!

Christine Mallaband-Brown

Kitten is one of our cats
He likes beans on toast and bats
He wears lots of mittens
And a scarf with blue knit ons
And runs around in a red hat!


There was a young woman called Jacqui
Who everyone thought was quite wacky.
She danced the Five Rhythms
Through psychedelic prisms
In costumes considered so tacky.

Paul Mastaglio:

There was once a girl called Lill

Who often didn’t pay her bill,

She was getting a bad name

For this unfortunate game,

All in all, her reputation was going downhill.


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Fun Friday

When the news is full of fearful and frenzied happenings, it’s not easy to stay grounded, or even to raise a smile. So I thought it was time for a limerick. I’d love to see what you can come up with. Here’s a silly one from me:

There was a young writer called Sam

Who as he typed, ate berries and ham,

He wrote about pigs

Wearing bright pink wigs,

Rolling in puddles of jam.


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Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s time for a new challenge. Last week I wanted your BIRTHDAY thoughts. This week, because there’s been a lot of unhappiness and uncertainty around the world, I’m looking to make you SMILE. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word SMILE in it somewhere?

Here are your BIRTHDAY thoughts from last week:


My birthday, survived another year!

Kim Smyth:

It’s my birthday as well!!


Anyone seen my birthday suit?

When was my last birthday?

Birthdays come round too quickly.


Happy birthday to my friend.

It’s my birthday! Where’s cake?

Oops! Was it your birthday?

Children’s birthday parties…. Total nightmare!!!

Roberta Writes:

No birthday this year, please.

He’ll get a birthday surprise.

Birthdays are a marketing ploy.

Paul L Mastaglio:

Happy Birthday to you, Esther.

Birthday card in the post.

You got any birthday plans?


Roll on my 60th birthday!

The Newbury Short Story Teller:

Happy birthday to you, Esther.

Birthday party with your cats?

Birthday cake overload, I trust?

Wasn’t last March12th your birthday?

Today’s also Jack Keroac’s birthday.

It’s Liza Minelli’s birthday too!

Bharul Chhatbar:

Birthdays, dare make me age.

Birthday brings out the glow.

Birthday, steps towards our destiny.

Birthday bash is turned unmatched!

Gary Godderidge:

Birthday today. I am reborn.

Val Fish:

A forgotten birthday’s never forgotten…

Birthday cake; too many candles.

My birthday suit still fits!


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Markets For Writers

I was very surprised to spot a magazine solely devoted to short stories, flash fiction and poetry when I stopped off at the services recently. Popshot is quarterly magazine full of entertaining writing. If you fancy a read, you can subscribe or buy it from bookshops and WHSmith.

They’re always on the look out for illustrators and it appears they set out what their requirements are in terms of short stories, etc each quarter. See submission guidelines.


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Funny Of The Week

Love the cheeky comeback…

Image result for funny signs new
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Bite Size Writing Tips

Going on holiday soon? What a perfect time to write!

But surely holidays aren’t for writing? Holidays are for relaxing and doing nothing. For some they are but for others, they’re a time to see the sights and enjoy new experiences. This is excellent fodder for novels, stories and articles, as well as fillers and letters. You could just take some notes and photos, so you don’t even have to write on holiday; this can all be stored and it’s then ready for you to work on when you’re back home.

On the other hand, perhaps you write best on holiday away from the rush and hassle of everyday life at home. Even if you’re on holiday with family, you can still spend a little time writing, either when everyone else is taking a siesta or if you each have some time to do your own thing.


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Exciting News!

Have any of you been to Swanwick Writers’ Summer School? No? Perhaps you’ve heard about it. If not, it’s known to ‘writers the world over‘ and ‘is legendary for the warmth of its welcome. ​If you love writing then Swanwick offers you the opportunity to learn new skills, hone existing ones, explore your creativity, make new friends, perform your poetry, sing, act, dance, laugh or even write’.

You’ll find courses, guest speakers, workshops, one-to-ones, talks and much more.

This year, it’s taking place from Saturday 8th to Friday 14th August 2020.

I’m very excited to be taking part in it for the first time this year and I’m running a workshop as well as helping writers in some one-to-one sessions.

Want to know more? Take a look at the website.

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