Can You Tell A Story In…

I’m feeling very generous this week so I’m asking for 20-word stories.

Here’s one I had some fun with:

How could he?! She’d really thought he was the one. But he’d gone and done it – eaten her last Rolo.

Last week, I challenged you to 6-word stories. You’re a very inventive lot as you’ll see from your fabulous responses:

Jason A Muckley:

Evening sky darkens
Sun flees


He passionately kissed, the wrong girl.

EDC Writing:

He didn’t get her being him.

Roberta Writes:

After their marriage, two became one.

Words Less Spoken:

Flower bloom mightily, beauty is yours.

Paul L Mastaglio:

I’d passed. The car was mine!

Kitty Boo:

Pie, SPLAT! Didn’t see that coming!

Val Fish:

No heartbeat, born asleep. Godspeed sweetheart.

Alyson Faye:

Running away, she met herself again.

Black dress. Red lipstick. Open casket.

Empty box. Den? Hide? Lost goods?


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Markets For Writers

If you enjoy writing short fiction, The Flash Fiction Magazine is worth a look. They accept stories between 300-1000 words and they pay for the stories they publish. One story per month can be submitted for free.

To find out more about what they’re looking for, visit their submissions page.


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Funny Of The Week

Tempting, but I think I’ll pass…

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Holiday Writing

Surely holidays aren’t for writing? Holidays are for relaxing and doing nothing. For some they are but for others, they’re a time to see sights and enjoy new experiences. This is excellent fodder for stories and articles, as well as fillers and letters. You could just take some notes and photos so you don’t even have to write your piece on holiday; this can all be stored and it’s then ready for you to work on when you’re back home.

On the other hand, perhaps you write best on holiday away from the rush and hassle of everyday life at home. Even if you’re on holiday with family, you can still spend a little time writing, either when everyone else is taking a siesta or if you each have some time to do your own thing.


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A Lighter Look at Life


I just can’t seem to get it right,

Look at this one here so white,

While its partner is light blue,

And this one has a bright pink hue,

What’s that in the drawer right there?

Some white? At last, I have a pair,

But, oh no, there it is – a hole,

A great big one in the sole,

Looks like it’s tights for me,

But there’s a ladder in the knee,

I’ve tried so hard with all my might,

My poor toes will have to freeze tonight. 


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Can You Tell A Story In…

Last week, I asked you if you could tell a story in ten words. You clearly could, as you’ll see below. So I’m going to make the challenge tougher. Can you tell a story in six-words?

I’ve had a go:

Hand slackens. Tears fall. Son dead.

Back to last week and your ten-word stories:


Tiny fingers, searching blue eyes. I sob, new life.

Sue Vincent:

Earth hit the coffin lid. She smiled. Free at last.


“Those aren’t my stilettos!” she said, her eyes turning arctic.


He was home early! She cooked merrily. They ate together.

EDC Writing:

Take it, go on take it, what’s a heartbeat anyway!

Geoff Le Pard:

Parallel universe? But how do we get back for tea?


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Markets For Writers

Mslexia are currently looking for poems, stories and scripts on the theme of clothes.

Here’s what they have to say on the subject:

‘We look for stories of up to 2,200 words, poems of up to 40 lines, and short scripts (for theatre, radio or film) of up to 1,000 words (including character names and stage instructions).

‘Send us stories, poems and scripts on the theme of clothes. Uniforms; costumes; the clothes maketh the woman; the clothes of the future versus the clothes of the past; why wearing clothes is the best; why not wearing clothes is even better; the material, the sewing; throwing away that favourite jacket… stitch together your best work and sent it to us by 11 March 2019 to be considered for publication in Issue 82’.

To find out more, please visit the themed writing page.


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