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There’s nothing like an exciting news story…

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Step Back in Time

Watching a history documentary? Reading about a time from long ago? Events/people/places from a time in the past can start you thinking what if that didn’t happen? What if something completely different occured instead? An alternative history could make an interesting and compelling story or book.


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There's Still Time To Enter!

Last week, I announced a short story competition to celebrate the paperback launch of my book, A Walk in the Woods. If you haven’t entered yet, don’t worry; you have until the 14th February.

The competition is to write a short story, with the following opening line:

Thank goodness they had gone.

Who had gone and why is up to you. All you have to do is open your story with the same line. The minimum word limit is 50 words and the maximum is 500 words.

To enter, send your story to

The winning entry will be published on my blog and win a copy of my book.

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Can You Tell A Story In…

I hope you’re having a great week. How about trying a new challenge? Last week I wanted something HOT from you. This week, I’m looking for a CRIME. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word CRIME in it somewhere?

Here are your creative thoughts on HOT from last week:


Oh my… He’s so hot!

Signs of age – Hot flushes.

Got myself in hot water.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

I am hot with anger!

That is a hot property.

I hate being so hot.

Bake in a hot oven.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows please.

Too hot to think straight.

Paul L Mastaglio:

You’re blowing hot and cold!

It’s too hot in here.

Hot date? Mustn’t be late!

Trent’s World:

I’m in hot water now!

Caught ogling a hot woman.

Both are pretty steamed, hot.

The woman’s glare was hot.

Not as hot as Mrs.!

Red faced, I’m not hot.

Well, hot under the collar.

Stupid, Trent, not too hot…

Hot to trot to hide!

(Despite the use of my name, the above is pure fiction ;-))


Admiring Hot ten tot Venus.

Hot ten tot Venus’s revenge.

Hot ten tot Venus avenged.

Write Lindy:

He’s hot. Sadly, I’m not.

Scarred by David’s hot cigarettes.

Hot liquid scalded her face.

Simon Farnell:

My tea definitely wasn’t hot.

Hot pizza, my eyes watering.

It was a great shot!

Ruth Scribbles:

40° C is very hot.

Hot cross buns are yummy.

Jalepeños are hotter than hell.

Coffee is best when hot.

Her forehead is very hot.

Charles Norman:

She is so very hot.

Me hot? No thank you.

Never did like hot curry!

Kim Smyth:

Alcohol sometimes makes me hot.

Val Fish:

Hot tub for two; heaven.

Damn hot flushes, damn menopause!

Trump’s full of hot air.


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Markets For Writers

My market for you this week is to write a story for the National Flash Fiction Day anthology. This year’s theme is FAMILY. Entries of up to 500 words are accepted.

We invite any and all interpretations of FAMILY, and look forward to reading about families big and small, real and imagined, lost and found, local and global, inherited and created. Families involving people. Taxonomic families. Parametric families. Families on the periodic table. Wherever the word FAMILY takes you, we’d like to follow!

The story does not need to include the word ‘family’ but must touch on the theme in some way. Creative, unusual and unconventional interpretations of the theme are welcome and encouraged.’

One free entry to all writers. For entry fees for further stories, see the submission page.


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Funny Of The Week

Sounds like a fair swap to me…

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Bite Size Writing Tips

Make your characters real

It’s often the attention to the little details that brings a character to life – their mannerisms, the way they say things, what they say, how they look etc. Imagine your character in your mind; even write down some characteristics and what they look like. This will help you to make them come to life on the page.


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