My Latest Book

After several of my students asked me if they could read some of my short stories, I thought about putting some of them together in an e-book. ‘The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories’ features 12 prize-winning short stories from ‘Writing Magazine’, ‘Writers News’, ‘Independent Papers’ and ‘The Global Short Story’ competitions, amongst others.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me with the e-book and also to those who asked if I’d consider producing a paperback version. Well, I have and I’m pleased to announce the paperback edition, featuring six extra stories, is now available to buy, through Amazon, Waterstones On-line and other on-line stores. It can be ordered through all bookshops and can bought at selected retailers. All thanks to you!

The book will take you through a range of emotions – one minute you’ll be on the edge of your seat as a woman is held hostage at gunpoint, smiling the next at a tale of a Fairy Godmother with a difference, before reaching for the tissues along with a mother whose daughter has been missing for days and then rooting for a young girl who’s cornered by a school bully.

The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories’ e-book and paperback is available from all on-line stores including Amazon.




4 Responses to My Latest Book

  1. askriverbed says:

    Just loved the Siege, Esther – your style is engaging and approachable, and I loved the twists and turns, unable to predict what the characters would do.

    I’m a recovering science writer – from the dry-as-a-bone technical narrative forced out of me for years in the workplace to this light-as-a-feather freedom of creative expression. Thanks for your delightful contributions and your commitment to helping other authors!

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