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Editing, Proofreading and Advice Service Testimonials

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‘I was desperately looking for an editor, someone who would be able to connect with me and what I want from my story. Esther came highly recommended and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. She asked me exactly what I was after from her editing and then gave me plenty of feedback to help me improve my story.

Esther was at the end of the phone to discuss all elements of her notes and gave me a huge amount of encouragement too, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses.   All this fantastic advice and at an extremely affordable price too. I will definitely be using Esther’s services again. Thank you, Esther!’

Ritu Bhathal

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‘I completed my first novel some months ago and was in a quandary as to who I could trust to edit it.  I have followed Esther on WordPress for years and realised she has an editing service of her own. Knowing how much time she gives to helping other writers I hoped she would ‘take me on’.

We agreed terms and I let my ‘baby’ go. I was actually shocked at the depth of the edit. Esther really got to grips with the characters, theme and plot. Her analysis, guidance and advice is going to turn a good story into the novel that I set out to write. I would recommend anyone looking for a professional editor to contact Esther without hesitation.’

Charles Robinson

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‘Esther Chilton assisted me with developmental editing and proofing my book, Through the Nethergate. This book is my first full length novel and aimed at an older age group than my previous books.

I was pleased with the professional manner in which Esther dealt with the review of my work. I received detailed advice setting out each overarching developmental comment, with an example of the specific writing issue she was highlighting and detailed suggestions as to how I could remedy the issue. In addition, I received comments and highlighted suggestions throughout my entire manuscript.

The guidance received was exactly what I needed to address a few deficiencies in my book and make it into a much slicker and well-presented product.

After I completed my re-write and editing process, I sent my book back to Esther who did another detailed review, this time concentrating on spelling, punctuation and inconsistencies. She also spotted a few additional areas for developmental improvement.

In summary, I was extremely pleased with the service I received and I intend to use Esther’s services for all my book reviewing needs going forward.

Robbie Cheadle

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Esther has edited four books for me, a mix of a full length novel and three anthologies. On each occasion she has been clear on her process and timings. Her quotes have been very reasonable. Her work has been accurate and diligent and she meets her deadlines. But most importantly she has taken time to understand how I work, how I like my critiques and what level of critical attention I want.

Her suggestions for improving the narrative structure are just as good as her beady eye for detail. If something works she says so, if she enjoys something she enthuses and if something clunks or fails to work as intended she is equally forthright while all the time remaining encouraging and positive. Use her, you really won’t regret it.

Geoff Le Pard

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I was a first-time author looking for an editor that cared for my characters and stories as much as I did. And I found her! As soon as I met Esther on Skype, I felt listened to, understood and supported.

Her input was always valuable and I was always looking forward to our next meeting because I knew it would bring the work to the next level. Being a freak for details myself, I could rely on her to keep an eye on those too. I just can’t wait to work with her on the upcoming titles of my book series next year!’

Miriam Tocino

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It was Esther’s encouragement and belief in my story: Instructions For Falling In Love Again, which made me decide to self-publish. She could see the potential it had and knew that it could be turned into something great. I loved working with Esther. She’s patient, experienced and a great teacher, which is what you need from an editor.

I got all the encouragement I needed from Esther and what I liked was that she didn’t micro manage my draft. She let me take it in the direction I wanted but made sure I knew what sort of things I needed to consider. 

Esther turned my story into a novel and me into an author. My novel has exceeded all my expectations in terms of reader reviews on Amazon and sales. She always knew my story had potential and I can’t thank her enough for believing and helping me fulfil my dream.’ 

Lucy Mitchell