Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s to a great new week! Your new limerick challenge is as follows:


Your challenge last week was to write a limerick using the word NECK in it somewhere. Here are your masterpieces:

Keith Edgar Channing:

My friend has gone really high tech
With a collar wrapped tight round his neck.
When I asked him, he said
It keeps him calm in bed,
But can he get it off? Can he heck!

Kim Smyth:

The nape of the neck is worth kissing
If you don’t want to be dismissing
Just be real sure
Your skin’s clean and pure
Romance you don’t want to be missing.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

The sailor fell onto the deck
And seriously injured his neck
The captain said fool!
Playing quoits by the pool
You’ve turned into a jibbering wreck!

Trent’s World:

The boss asked if Bob were ill
For he could work much harder still
Bob said what the heck
I won’t break my neck
For work should never kill.

When talking the anatomy of sex
Judy said a man must have good pecs
But Vlad said No
When blood must flow
He only thought about necks.

Ruth Scribbles:

This man wrote a very bad check
He then caused a horrible wreck
His eyes were all glazed
He stumbled in a daze
“No wonder, he broke his thick neck!”


A furious God held the first scrotum
In front of his hapless factotum.
‘Why didn’t you check?
They’ve used turkey neck.
And what use is an opposable bum?’

Lance Greenfield:

Bony Tony was as skinny as a rake.
Many dieters thought him an absolute fake.
For, at a barbeque,
He would forego the stew
To consume a whole giraffe neck steak!


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25 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. Our house is a wreck and a mess
    Which causes a lot of distress
    A hurricane blew
    The building – right through
    Very badly affected, I confess!

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Oh, what a mess we’re in
    When wrong seems right and good is sin
    And Twitter controls
    What everyone knows
    Let’s toss the whole thing into the bin

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  3. Do I really have to confess
    That what I’ve made here is a mess?
    I thought I was able
    To read the damned label.
    Is roast beef meant to effervesce?

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  4. Your meme is so true. Although, I believe that ‘something’ should be plural. 😉

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  5. Clean, shiny mess tins are a must,
    So, keep yours free of dirt and rust.
    As a mirror to shave
    For smooth soldiers brave.
    Better, by far, than that naval brush!

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  6. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    There’s something I need to confess
    I’ve got myself in an awful mess
    In the family way
    And ashamed to say
    Who’s the daddy is anyone’s guess.

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  7. Kim Smyth says:

    Haha, sounds like my life right now!

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  8. Kim Smyth says:

    My life has become such a mess
    I’m just not over the stress
    Of moving from one
    To my brother’s (undone)
    Hope there’s no more distress!

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  9. Finally —

    There once was a woman who thought
    She could “shop” and never get caught
    Her house was a mess
    Full of ill-got excess
    She never did learn what she aught

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