Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s to a great new week! Your new limerick challenge is as follows:


Your challenge last week was to write a limerick using the word BLIND in it somewhere. Here are your masterpieces:

Keith Edgar Channing:

Before this new verselet I write,

Looking fearful that I may take flight.

I must needs go in blind

Never sure that I’ll find

Dame Muse with her sweet guiding light.

Trent’s World:

There was a man named Matt

Who seemed as blind as a bat

His eyes were good

It’s understood

It was how he wore his hat.

There was a girl named Dee

Who totally blind-sided me

In she flew

Out of the blue

And hit before I could see.

Kim Smyth:

There once was a girl oh so blind

She sought love, yet couldn’t find

In clubs nor in pubs

But she kept concert stubs

The memories at least were so kind.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

I’m in a really big bind

I want to search and find

The silver and gold

At rainbows end, told

But I can’t cos I’m blind!


‘Buying fruit,’ young Thomas opined,

‘Is a risky business if you’re partially blind;

The staff all think I’m utterly hopeless

And one old woman told me to grope less,

Cos I can’t tell ripe melons from a pert behind.’

Richmond Road:

In Hollywood, greed is good, love is blind

On streets of gold, so I’m told, all are kind

As time goes by,

you will see it’s a lie

Or you’ll be fooled… if you’re that way inclined.


Photo credit: The Humor Page

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18 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Bob fell while taking a hike
    Then got run over by a mountain bike
    You’d think he’d know
    Never to go
    To places his ex said he’d like
    Timmy fell down a deep well
    Lassie ran home to tell
    Seeing the dog lope
    They grabbed some rope
    For they knew their son very well

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  2. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    For his magical charms I fell
    He had me under his spell
    Till I got wise
    To all his lies
    And told him to go to hell.

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  3. Kim Smyth says:

    A woman fell into a well
    After experiencing a bad dizzy spell
    She survived the long fall
    Then was rescued by all
    And now has a story to tell!

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  4. Before to penury I fell
    My life had been going quite well
    Until my better half
    At my efforts did laugh
    And now she is a pauper as well!

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  5. TanGental says:

    At his first appraisal, long after he fell
    Lucifer stood before the Hounds of Hell:
    ‘How am I doing, throw me a bone,
    A bit more fire, a smidge of brimstone?’
    And Cerberus slathered: ‘It’s to early to tell…’

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  6. Bony Tony would often tell
    The epic story of Eskimo Nell.
    He loved the rhyme,
    Until came his time.
    No more reciting. Alas, he fell.

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