Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s Thursday once again and that means five-word story time. Your new word this week is:


So can you tell a story in five words using the word in it somewhere?

Your word last week was CHIN. Here are your CHIN stories:

Keith Channing:

No, not watchin’. What chin?

Shutup or I’ll chin you!

Revealing a multitude of chins.

Double chin? You’ve only two?

Take it on the chin.

Keep your chin up, matey.

Ruth Scribbles:

Razors are for your chin.

Yuck-hair on his chin.

On my chinny chin chin!

Chin went to school yesterday.

Kim Smyth:

No fan of cleft chins.

Joshua has the Smyth chin.

China are there for what?

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Chin chin! Lots more Gin!

Her chin was very pink.

Painful chin after boxing fight.

Your jaw is your chin.

“Chin him!” said the bully!

A goatee beard – hairy chin.

Tin, chin, sin, bin…. rhymes.

Annette Rochelle Aben:

Pluck those unsightly chin hairs.

Simon’s Space:

Her hand stroked his chin.

Reaching out into the unknown.

My hair is really itching.

Hugh W. Roberts:

When chins meet – a kiss.

Razorblade – cut, face, chin, throat

Only recognised by his chin.

Lance Greenfield:

Take it on the chin.

Dribbling makes your chin wet.

Desperate Dan had bristly chin.

I just LOVE Chinese cuisine!

Chingford Birds flock by Feather.


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14 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Bill told a story in….
    The platypus bill is odd
    Puffins have red stripey bills
    Car repair bill… Very High!
    Bill Shakespeare, renound brummie poet!
    My bill? Is it accurate?
    Send the bill to her!!

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  2. My gas bill is atrocious
    Electric car: no petrol bill
    My dollar bill is overdue
    Avian vet Bill’s bill 💸 bill 💵

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  3. Quack it on the bill
    Big bitter bill to swallow
    Pay me on Bill Eve
    Bill Stickers will be prosecuted
    That’s an Old Bill joke!

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  4. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    Did Bill Bailey come home?
    Bill Clinton liked his cigars..
    When the bill arrives, scarper!
    My energy bill’s exorbitantly excessive.
    Unpaid bills; bailiff pays visit.

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