Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s to a great new week! Your new limerick challenge is as follows:


Your challenge last week was to write a limerick using the word SNORE in it somewhere. Here are your masterpieces:

Keith Channing:

Sometimes, I’ll admit it, I snore.
Not loudly, for that I’d abhor.
On Friday, my wife
Rubbed my nose with a knife
Enough just to make it quite sore!

Ruth Scribbles:

There once was a girl on a bus
To grandma’s she told Mr Gus
When she took a short nap
Mr gus he did snap
“Your snore almost drove me to cuss.”

Trent’s World:

There was a weird man, it is said
Who snored loud enough to wake the dead
They broke the turf
To walk the Earth
Each night when he went to bed.

Kim Smyth:

My husband’s snore is so deep
How can anyone sleep?
I’ve tried every device
And some aren’t so nice
Just once I’d like not a peep!


There was a man named Salvator
And he was known for his incredible snore
The neighbours he’d wake
The house, it would shake
Well, he just caused a terrible uproar!

Ruth Blogs Here:

When my husband snores loud and snores long
Grating stop-and-start staccato song
Neither quiet nor gentle
It drives me quite mental
So I give him a shove – am I wrong?

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

It’s really a great big bore
Trying to sleep through a snore
I wish he’d be quiet
For once in the night
Or else he’ll be out through the door!


Dessie Dull from Little Snoring,
Was known for being deadly boring.
It became too much for Fanny Fun
Who blew him away with her father’s gun
And he’s buried beneath the flooring.

Linking People 2013:

Comedian dictator snores in bunker safe,
Countrymen losing home and life unsafe,
Uncle Sam and other NATO countries betray,
Guised as aid but landlocked will repay,
By toiling soil for wheat, sunflower ensafe!


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26 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. trentpmcd says:

    My humour is too often sick
    So I dare not write a limerick!
    It might be smut
    Or off its nut
    Or pull some other fanciful trick
    Bob was one wild guy
    Who’d dare anything when he’s high
    Eat non-food
    Or shop while nude
    There is nothing he wouldn’t try

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  2. Don’t you dare go into space!
    It really is a hostile place
    With Gamma rays.
    Vacuum makes stays
    Hard to breathe in a star base!

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  3. My wife said to me, “Don’t you dare
    Go out without combing your hair.
    You look such a sight
    You’ll give dogs a fright.”
    Don’t know why, she must know I don’t care!

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  4. Kim Smyth says:

    My children have been known to dare me
    To try some illegal candy
    I tell them I’d try
    But I’m too scared to die
    Besides, CBD works quite dandily!

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  5. There once was a man who would dare
    To walk in my yard and not care
    I turned on my hose
    I watered his nose
    He now walks around whilst he’s bare

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  6. Without a care
    She cut her hair
    It was oh, so long
    But now it’s gone
    No one thought she’d take the dare!

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  7. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    Whilst drunk, I agreed to a dare
    By the fountains, Trafalgar Square
    Was nabbed by a copper
    For conduct improper
    The details I’d rather not share!

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  8. Bony Tony made the crowd shriek,
    When he cast off his clothes and ran off to streak.
    No need to be scared.
    It was only a dare,
    To show off his incredible cheek.

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