Laughing Along With A Limerick

It’s so good to be back and reading your limericks again. You produced some wonderful creations last week! Let’s see what you can do with this week’s prompt:


Last week’s prompt was BACK. Here are you limericks:

Keith Channing:

I’m undone, alas and alack
There’s a spider half way up my back.
Forgive me my flinches,
It’s more than six inches
And has an enormous egg sack!


Esther announced, “I’m back!
Let’s get this challenge on track!
Now, Lance was my sitter,
But now I’m much fitter
I’m totally up for this craic!”

The Hidden Edge:

New Year; “time for a change”, thought Zack,
From the threat of his own blackjack.
He struck that voice imp
That sends his flair limp –
Getting his genius back on track!

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Back to the future? she said
Where all my books I have read
Then new ones I’ll find
First editions all signed
And sell them for millions instead.

Stine Writing:

When I think back at the past of my life
and my life of being a wife
I strike a good pose
despite the shape of my nose
Since my image just won’t be my strife.

Lance Greenfield:

Haste ye back, Bony Tony.
We miss your wit at the Frog and Pony.
Although you’re a ghost,
We raise you a toast:
Single malt and a glass of Peroni.

Kim Smyth:

Once, I had a back issue
I cried and needed a tissue
The doctor fixed me
With exercise and therapy
Will it stay well, haven’t a clue!

Tales from the mind of Kristian:

You can reflect on your life and your lack,
but nothing can come from this tack,
There’s one thing that’s so true
each day brings something new
and in life, you can never go back.

Trent’s World:

I’m a bit of a limerick hack
Rhyming and rhythm skills I lack
But when it’s done
It’s just for fun
And I’m glad Esther’s back.

Ruth Scribbles:

I fell back on the tip of a tack
It punctured my skin, I’m chagrined
A tack in my back
A chagrin ‘cause of skin
Now I’m back where I started—begin!

Linking People 2003:

Lying supine over pillow under lumbar back,
Maintains lumbar lordosis preventing ache in back!
Good to give back to society better life tricks,
Anticipating danger ahead must move back is one of the tricks.
Those having social concern, everyone should back!


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30 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I need to get back to my music soon
    I have tried to score a Broadway tune
    But on my piano trusty
    I find I’m am quite rusty
    And I end up sounding like a loon
    There once was a fellow named Dan
    Who thought he was quite the lady’s man
    But he was so 1954
    There was no way he could score
    Of his misogyny nobody’s a fan

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  2. Kim Smyth says:

    I once had to settle a score
    Kicked him out and locked the door
    The governor banned him
    His things, my dad tossed them
    It was plain he was welcome no more!

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  3. TanGental says:

    When young, it’s not done to keep score
    And if you tell how it went, you’re a bore.
    But with each passing year
    You’re just grateful to hear
    Something nearer a moan than a snore.

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  4. I tried counting up to a score
    So – eighteen and maybe two more.
    The agony lingers,
    No more toes or fingers –
    Just thumbs – maybe that’s what they’re for.

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  5. When I play a game of ‘encore’
    I don’t like to lose, I’m a bore.
    So I’d rather cheat
    Than let someone beat
    Me. So that’s why I always keep score!

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  6. Ritu says:

    I hate having to keep score
    It is really rather a bore
    Why not admit
    That I’m right, that’s it.
    There’s really no need to act sore!

    (Conversations with my others half.. )

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  7. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    SCORE is generally about twenty written,
    Spelling of twelfth is generally forgotten,
    Even though score in spelling test is great!
    Score of years ends teenage mate,
    Life music gets scored for adulthood in Britain!

    स्कोर आम तौर पर लगभग बीस लिखा जाता है,
    बारहवीं की स्पेलिंग आमतौर पर भुला दी जाती है,
    भले ही स्पेलिंग टेस्ट में स्कोर बहुत अच्छा हो!
    वर्षों का स्कोर किशोरावस्था को समाप्त करता है,
    जीवन संगीत ब्रिटेन में वयस्कता के लिए लिखा जाता है!

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  8. John Williams wrote many film scores.
    Movie directors would always ask him for more.
    Many Oscars he won,
    And he always had fun.
    Durrh duh, durrh duh went his theme tune for Jaws.

    Bony Tony was never a bore.
    Statistics he knew by the score.
    Tell him a fact
    And he’d answer back
    With much more than you knew, that’s for sure.

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  9. The game it was quite a big bore
    And then when they posted the score
    The crowd did moan
    With a great big groan
    The teams ran away through the door

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  11. Black belt, Joel will often trip
    Right over his big, bottom lip,
    He always keep score
    And often gets sore –
    If his foe, he can not outstrip!

    Score! (Monday Limerick #59)

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