Can You Tell A Story In…

I’ll be back with my short story challenge soon. In the meantime, Lance Greenfield is holding my Monday and Thursday challenges if you’d like to take part. You’ll find him at

I also promised I’d publish all your wonderful five-word stories from several months ago. Well, here they are.

The prompts were:





A kiss, just one kiss.

Throw me a kiss goodbye.

Kisses and lies, all lies.

She killed for a kiss.

Kisses to last a lifetime.

Sarah Davies:

Deodorant upside down, dregs salvaged.

Rolled deodorant, healthier than sprayed.

Cat spray deodorant not invented.

Feline deodorant millions yet unclaimed.

Eva Hnizdo:

Kiss me in 5 words.

His kiss melted me completely.

kiss me instead of talking.

AutoCorrect changes kiss to kill.

Kim Smyth:

Give me a butterfly kiss.

The kiss of death; negligence!


And then he kissed me

Sandwiched between two bumbling buffoons!

Want to borrow my deodorant?

Christine Mallaband-Brown:


She blew a kiss, sadly.

My kiss seals the deal!

A chocolate kiss, really lovely.

Where oceans kiss? Crossword clue.

Gently kiss my lovers hand…

Sandwich :

Fishfinger and custard sandwich… Who?

Cheers for the birthday sandwich.

Predictive text sandwich or photograph.

Knuckle sandwich? Bunch of fives!

Club sandwich, tiny lunch option.

Cheese and lemon sandwich? Never!

Deodorant :

Strong and spicy mens deodorant.

Deodorant, no cork in nose!

Deodorant for land fill needed!

Gorgonzola requires strong cheese deodorant!

72 hour deodorant? New invention!

Keith Channing:

Kiss? Deodorant in a sandwich!

Lance Greenfield:

Croque Monsieur: nice toasted sandwich.

Croque Madame: egg topped sandwich.

Favourite sandwich? Sausage and marmalade.

Deodorant: Thou shall not smell.

Kiss me here . . . and here!

Where to kiss me next?

Sandwich: an original Cinque Port.

Passionate kisses lead to more.

Your kisses raise my temperature.

Smooth and deep French kissing.

Stork bites and angel kisses.

When riled, Theo would rant.

Dark sky? Sand which stormed.

Eskimo kisses involve rubbing noses.

Air kisses are posh mwahs.

Your kisses weaken my knees.

Paul Mastaglio:

Sealed with a kiss. Swoon!

A kiss on both cheeks.

After every kiss use mouthwash!

A cheese and ham sandwich.

A ham and cheese sandwich.

Try a different sandwich. Please!

This deodorant smells appalingly bad.

Some deodorant are too strong.

Embrace smelly, ditch the deodorant!

Val Fish:

I’m missing grandson’s sloppy kisses.

Postman’s’ Knock; my first kiss.

Mum and dad are kissing; Yuck!

Linking People 2003:

Death kissed her during surgery.

Oxytocin helps to love, kiss.

Autistic kisses mechanically without love.

Gastric kissing ulcers after trauma.

Sandwich culture in Britain continues.

Alternate formal, practical – sandwich course.

Perfume is a better deodorant.

Mask culture reduced deodorant use.


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  1. Darlene says:

    Thanks. I hope you are doing OK. XO

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  2. Nice to see this post, Esther. I look forward to your return to blogging.

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