Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s Thursday and your new five-word challenge is here. This week, your prompt is THING. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word THING in it somewhere?

Here are your BATH stories from last week:


Bubble baths – my favourite treat.

How do you say ‘bath’?

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Bath, town down near Bristol

A bath of silver thiosulphate,

(a bath for developing photos)

She had a bath yesterday

My bath was too cold.

Bath bombs- fizzy, smells nice!

Bath of asses milk – yummy?

The cat fell into bath!

Doughnut bathed in caster sugar…

Kim Smyth:

Showers are quicker than baths.

Baths soak that pain away!

Bath melts are very moisturizing.

My sister makes bath melts.

Eva Hnizdo:

After skiing, bath. Heavenly.

Lance Greenfield:

Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Tin bath warms by fireside.

Skinny dippers bathe in waves.

Archimedes leaps from bath. Eureka!

Bath: narrow streets, steep hills.

Bath: grocery delivery driver’s nightmare.

Bath together: economical and fun.

Sauna – ice bath – aromatherapy massage.

Writers think in their baths.

Muddy runner needs a bath.

Romans bathe in Bath baths.

Cleopatra likes a roomy bathroom.

Always undress before your bath.

Soapy suds or bath oil?

Flushed baby with bathwater.

Took a bath without me?

Icy bath hardens my nipples.

Smell bad? Bath. Smell good!

No plastic duck? No bath!

Green lizards like sand baths.

Hot sex in warm bath.

Eating juicy fruit in bath.

Hot bath is perfect cure.

Sarian Lady:

Memories of Jane Austin in Bath.

Warm bath, candles, wine, bliss.

Joy Smith:

Christmas Carols from Bath Abbey.

Discover Jane Austen’s Bath haunts.

Aromatherapy bath brought on labour.

Epsom bath, salts and downs.

Georgian bath release sulphuric fumes.

Bath the dog, waggy fun.

Acid bath hides the evidence.

Rendezvous in Bath. Now married.

Kitchen sink as baby’s bath.

Jane’s footsteps echo around Bath.

Acid bath, extreme exfoliation system.

EDC Writing:

Last bath, he slipped in.


Splosh, splash, having a bath!

Threw baby out with bath.

Meet me in the bath.

Linking People 2003:

Immersing in warm bath container!

Bathtub must have grooved mat!

Hip bath can keep clean!

Sitz bath is hip bath!

Whirlpool bath in seas dangerous!

Hot steam filled room bath!

Steam bath relaxes and refreshes!

Turkish bath is steam bath!

Steam bath in sauna room!

Victorian slipper bath in public!

Towel wrapped during slipper bath!

Public slipper bath for cleanliness!

Douche requires spraying with water!

Rectal flush wash during bath!

Laving face and hip bath!

Jacuzzi bath has underwater waterjets!

Greece and Rome used thermae!

Soap and scrub for bath!

Val Fish:

Visited Bath once, got soaked.

Baby’s bath time; precious moments.

Mum’s bath time; pure escapism.


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42 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Ritu says:

    This thing, too, shall pass.
    Need to tell you something.
    Things are looking up, finally.

  2. The ‘thing’ was truly huge.
    My husband loves railway things.
    Several things appeared last night.
    I’ll be at the thing.
    Think not thing-you fool!
    An egg and thingy sandwich?
    Thing was made of string….
    These foolish things – favourite song.

  3. Thing a thong of thickthpence
    Things Harvested Invariably Need Gathering

  4. trentpmcd says:

    I can’t remember a thing! Is “thing” a dirty word?

  5. I can’t remember a thing

  6. Unknown thing. Approaching Earth. Bam!

  7. The thing I needed. Lost.

  8. Thong? Thing thumb thing thimble.
    Thingamajigs bounce around in Thingamyland.
    Viking meeting. There’s a thing!
    All things to all men.
    Julie Andrews sang Favourite Things.
    Always wash your thingy thoroughly.
    We’re onto a good thing.
    Eating custard isn’t my thing.
    Chuck Berry’s thing? His Ding-a-ling.
    Cleopatra did her own thing.
    Crazy little thing called love.
    That was a close thing!
    Anything worn under my kilt?
    Nothing mostly happens quite frequently.
    Heavy breathing on telephone line.
    Something emerged from the briny.

  9. Young, maybe? Fresh another thing!

  10. Paul Mastaglio says:

    The thing is…. I’ve forgotten.
    I’m late for this thing.
    Here’s the thing you wanted!

    Cheers Paul 😁

  11. The thing is somewhat unfinished!

  12. Joy Smith says:

    Some thing for the weekend?
    Things ain’t what they were.
    Red jumpsuit for Thing 1.
    Thing 1 divorces Thing 2.
    Things created by Dr Seuss.
    String and thing, kitchen drawer.
    What is your saddest thing.
    This crazy little thing life.
    Things – sings with a lisp
    My thing is getting away.
    Brushes with this covid thing

    Have a great weekend thing.

  13. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    ….THE word “thing” is “pronoun”!

    ….”WHATITSNAME” is synonym of “thing”!

    ….IDLE mind says, “thing”, often!

    ….A thing of the past!

    ….LEARNING from everything and everyone!

    ….SENTIENT being feels unlike thing!

    ….THING is inanimate material object!

    ….VACUUM does not occupy anything!

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