Can You Tell AStory In…

It’s Thursday and your new five-word challenge is here. This week, your prompt is BATH. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word BATH in it somewhere?

Here are your NIGHT stories from last week:

Keith Channing:

Now In Green – Holly Trees.

Now It’s Gone – Hateful Tonsillitis.

Now I’ll Get High Tea.

Northern Ireland Grand Hotel Trip!

Near Iceland Getting Hot Tonight.

Now I’m Gonna Hear Tinnitus.


Tonight, I’m going OUT out!

I’m not a night owl.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

At night the frogs sing.

The moon shone bright tonight.

I’m collecting toadstools around midnight!

The witch flew at night.

Night comes and I sleep?

Cheers! And good night all!

Sorry my night was awful.

I never sleep at night!

Kim Smyth:

Tonight is thankfully “date” night!

Eva Hnizdo:

Waiting. Evening, now night. Alone.

Lance Greenfield:

Tonight brings my first BEDGASM!

Overnight success takes a lifetime.

Days without sunshine are nights.

Nightshirt worn outside birthday suit.

Join me for a nightcap?

Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

Vincent painted The Starry Night.

Twenty-twenty was a global nightmare.

Lancelot was Arthur’s favourite knight.

Brightest dawns follow darkest nights.

Black knights in white satin.

Silky nightdress arouses amorous desires.

Night of the long knives.

‘Allo ‘allo. Nighthawk calling London.

Hello! Are you Deadly Nightshade?

Write to Inspire: Night Writer.

Just one secretive night together?

Nightstick: an American officer’s truncheon.

Night-sight lights up sniper’s target.

Cricket team needs a nightwatchman.

Luminous night frogs taste horrible!

Bump in the night. Scary!

Pyjama party includes midnight fast.

Summer nights, driftin’ away. Oh-oh!

Gladys Knight had the pip.

Trent’s World:

Five word stories with “night”?

They only waken at night…

Sarian Lady:

Stars, night, a wonderful sight.

Joy Smith:

I run marathons at night.

Night-time creativity. Best sellers.

Sweaty night – menopause or TB?

Full moon night, werewolves howl.

Starry starry night. Hear that?

Menopausal sleepless night, sheets drenched.

Night duty – peace – no visitors.

Night shift over. Porridge, sleep.

Dark night settles, aromatherapy rules.

Night sedation lingers, sleepy days.

Night time conversations with Australasia.

Tennis watching nights, Aussie Open.

Night night. Sleep tight. Bitten!

EDC Writing:

Last night? Gone by morning.

Paul Mastaglio:

The night slowly draws in.

Night wraps itself around you.

Sighing, you embrace the night.

Roberta Writes:

It comes out at night.

Nightfall brings him fresh game.

Zelda Rene:

Night belongs to Muse, adored.

Linking People 2003:

Nightly episodes healthy with exercise!

Keira Knightley nominated at twenty!

Night for anabolism; day, catabolism!

Sleep must for body’s repair!

Ramadan – day autophagy, night eating!

Evil spirits rise at night!

Burning midnight oil helps achieve!

Reproductive activity more at night!


As night melts dawn awakens!


All night the tornado rages.

Pitter patter all night? Stop!

Death visited them that night.

Dark Night was the song.

A darker night, never seen.


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45 Responses to Can You Tell AStory In…

  1. Eva Hnizdo says:

    5 words Bath:
    After skiing, bath. Heavenly .

  2. Bath, town down near Bristol
    A bath of silver thiosulphate,
    (a bath for developing photos)
    She had a bath yesterday
    My bath was too cold.
    Bath bombs- fizzy, smells nice!
    Bath of asses milk – yummy?
    The cat fell into bath!
    Doughnut bathed in caster sugar…

  3. Memories of Jane Austin in Bath
    Warm bath, candles, wine, bliss

  4. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    ….IMMERSING in warm bath container!

    ….BATHTUB must have grooved mat!

    ….HIP bath can keep clean!

    ….SITZ bath is hip bath!

    ….WHIRLPOOL bath in seas dangerous!

    ….HOT steam filled room bath!

    ….STEAM bath relaxes and refreshes!

    ….TURKISH bath is steam bath!

    ….STEAM bath in sauna room!

    ….VICTORIAN slipper bath in public!

    ….TOWEL wrapped during slipper bath!

    ….PUBLIC slipper bath for cleanliness!

    ….DOUCHE requires spraying with water!

    ….RECTAL flush wash during bath!

    ….LAVING face and hip bath!

    ….JACUZZI bath has underwater waterjets!

    ….GREECE and Rome used thermae!

    ….SOAP and scrub for bath!

  5. Kim Smyth says:

    Showers are quicker than baths.
    Baths soak that pain away!
    Bath melts are very moisturizing.
    My sister makes bath melts.

  6. Joy Smith says:

    Amazing I was only thinking of this word for a limerick, and wondering how you would pronounce it. Can’t wait to get on it, or should that be init?

  7. Ritu says:

    Bubble baths – my favourite treat
    How do you say ‘bath’?

  8. Joy Smith says:

    Christmas Carols from Bath Abbey.
    Discover Jane Austen’s Bath haunts.
    Aromatherapy bath brought on labour.
    Epsom bath, salts and downs.
    Georgian bath release sulphuric fumes.
    Bath the dog, waggy fun.
    Acid bath hides the evidence.
    Rendezvous in Bath. Now married.
    Kitchen sink as baby’s bath.
    Jane’s footsteps echo around Bath.
    Acid bath, extreme exfoliation system.

    • These are wonderful. Thanks, Joy.

    • I love them all, especially that last one. You’re vicious!

      • Joy Smith says:

        Well thank you kind sir. I lived just 15 miles from Bath for most of my life, so especially enjoyed this one. Husband drove 400 miles to meet me after an online meet. School carol service was the highlight of my Christmas. Must admit I have a bit of a sadistic streak, or would that be masochistic. Blessings J x

      • Last year I was an Ocado delivery driver. Bath was lovely but there were many very difficult areas: steep, narrow streets with double-parking and no room to turn. Even reversing back out was hairy.
        See my efforts on this challenge. I hope that you like them.

  9. Darlene says:

    Splosh, splash, having a bath!
    Threw baby out with bath.
    Meet me in the bath.

  10. Bishop of Bath and Wells.
    Tin bath warms by fireside.
    Skinny dippers bathe in waves
    Archimedes leaps from bath. Eureka!
    Bath: narrow streets, steep hills.
    Bath: grocery delivery driver’s nightmare.
    Bath together: economical and fun.
    Sauna – ice bath – aromatherapy massage.
    Writers think in their baths.
    Muddy runner needs a bath.
    Romans bathe in Bath baths.
    Cleopatra likes a roomy bathroom.
    Always undress before your bath.
    Soapy suds or bath oil?
    Flushed baby with bathwater.
    Took a bath without me?
    Icy bath hardens my nipples.
    Smell bad? Bath. Smell good!
    No plastic duck? No bath!
    Green lizards like sand baths.
    Hot sex in warm bath.
    Eating juicy fruit in bath.
    Hot bath is perfect cure.

  11. valfish56 says:

    Visited Bath once, got soaked.
    Baby’s bath time; precious moments.
    Mum’s bath time; pure escapism.

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