The Fairy At The Bottom Of The Garden Part Two

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The years fell away as Annie remembered her own tears on finding out that the fairy she had seen flitting from tree to tree was, in fact, a dragonfly. Her dear mother had wiped away her tears.

“If you believe hard enough, then you’ll see a real fairy. Just you wait and see,” she had soothed a young Annie.

Annie had spent the rest of that day and half the night believing. Then the next morning when she had pulled back her curtains, sure enough, there was a fairy swinging to and fro high up in the apple tree.

Annie grinned, shaking her head at the memory. She had believed in that fairy for years, just as she had the tooth fairy and Father Christmas. The fairy in the apple tree had long since disappeared, but young Annie had always believed she would return one day. That was until she discovered that the tooth fairy was her mother and Father Christmas her father.

“So who was the fairy in the tree?” Annie had asked her mother.

“Me. Well, I made her and your father hooked her onto the apple tree. I was sure the wind would carry her away or the rain would ruin her, but she lasted rather well,” Annie’s mother had said, smiling down at her.

How Annie had hugged her. She’d always been so thoughtful and very clever at making things. Unfortunately, Annie didn’t take after her, but she would have a good go – for Grace.

“What are you doing?” Peter asked, “I thought I’d better come and see what was going on. For the last hour, all I’ve heard is grumbling and groaning.”

Annie frowned and looked down at the sea of craft materials sprawled across the kitchen table.

“What on earth is that?” Peter leaned forward, peering at Annie’s handiwork.

 “Stop your prodding and poking,” Annie said crossly, swatting Peter’s hand away, “anyone can see she’s a fairy.”

“Well, I suppose fairies have moved on a bit since our day, but even so, I don’t think that could ever be called a fairy,” Peter said, patting Annie’s shoulder gently. “Besides, fairies are supposed to have a little more sparkle to them and most importantly of all – wings.”

“The wings! I knew I’d forgotten something,” Annie cried.

She told Peter her treasured story about her mother’s fairy.

“What am I going to do, Peter? I wanted to make it special for Grace, like my mother did for me.”

Part three next week


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4 Responses to The Fairy At The Bottom Of The Garden Part Two

  1. Magical! I can’t wait so see (read about) the fairy when it appears in the tree.

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