Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s your Monday smile – it’s limerick time. Send in your own or here’s a prompt for you –


Here are a few limericks to make you smile this Monday. The prompt last week was BRAIN.

Keith Channing:

Brain is what makes people smart;

Read the writings of René Descartes.

Although, just like you

I won’t think it’s true.

Not until it is on a flip-chart.

Kim Smyth:

Having a really smart brain

Using it to come in out of the rain

Is so very smart

Yet most people don’t start

Until wet, now that’s really insane!

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

My brain hurts so much more now

I’ve just tried calculus you know

It didn’t make sense

And made me so tense

My maths skills have taken a blow!

Paul Mastaglio:

Don’t complain

If you don’t use your brain

Take time to think

Then with a nod and a wink

You’ll be back in the game.

Trent’s World:

Today I can’t brain nor rhyme

For I have very little time

My mind is fog

And stuck in a bog

My poetry attempts are a crime.

A zombie has eaten my brain

And has left me quite insane

For his sup

He slurped it up

And my skull he did drain.

The Hidden Edge:

My darling daughter is Laura Jane,

Just like her Dad she is quite insane,

She loves to be tidy,

Like many girl Friday,

But oftentimes – it does in my brain!


If he ever used his brain

Jack would be right as rain

Instead, he won’t think

Just has another drink

And let’s people think he’s insane!

Lance Greenfield:

For my Dad, Tony Greenfield.

How brainy was old Bony Tony?

He’d often speak utter baloney.

His greatest advice?

“If ten words will suffice,

Use more and you’ll often be lonely.”

Valerie Fish:

Her brain was the size of a pea

Her cup size, a huge Double ‘D’

She wasn’t that dumb,

Success was to come

Flaunting her assets on page three.

Geoff Le Pard:

A well-hung young fella from Spain,

Said, ‘I’ve really no wish to complain,

That the girls from Lanzarote

See me as male totty,

Rather than for the size of my brain.’

Susan St. Pierre:

The world’s tiniest girl named Lorraine,

Was a genius in spite a wee brain.

Her brilliance was lost!

In the Spring’s melting frost.

She was tragically swept down a drain.

Linking People 2003:

Education is to train the brain to think,

Vocalise and use the brain or lose it without a blink!

Brain controls the neuroendocrine system.

Endocrinal pituitary and pineal glands in rhythm,

With brain and spinal cord prevent brain shrink!


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40 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. Whether it be right or wrong,
    Ricky will still sing his song.
    Once he’s in flight,
    No end in sight.
    Guess we should all sing along!

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  2. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Something’s not right
    But the answer is just out of sight
    Something feels wrong
    In fact, there’s a bit of a pong
    Brace yourself and hold that nose tight!

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  3. A few thoughts of my own – not necessarily reflective of my own ethical positioning ….

    Is it wrong to be sexist but gay?
    Is it wrong when you think but don’t say?
    Should you give false confession
    Provide the wrong impression
    But do what you like anyway?

    Is it wrong to be right all the time?
    Does it help credibility climb?
    Is it wrong to use words
    That are just polished turds
    Is it right, just as long as they rhyme?

    Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it rude?
    To be me and be free. Or be prude?
    Should one skinny dip?
    Or stay clothed round the hip?
    Or should one simply strip and go nude

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  4. trentpmcd says:

    I am having a very strange day
    I think it started the wrong way
    I dressed an hour
    Before my shower
    So in wet clothes I join the fray

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  5. Kim Smyth says:

    It feels wrong to get up so late
    Thank goodness I still feel great
    Daylight savings made change
    Our hours rearranged
    Sleeping in just might be our fate!

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  6. It was wrong to eat all of the cake
    My friends for my birthday did make
    I know I’m a glutton
    But I burst my top button,
    On best dress – for goodness sake!

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  7. Our dear friend Whale, comes from Hong Kong,
    Likes a karaoke sing song,
    When his brain is a mess,
    It helps sort out his stress,
    Then, nothing in life seems that wrong!

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  8. Said Ernie, “Here’s a play what I wrote.”
    Said Eric to Ernie, “Don’t gloat.
    Your grammar’s all wrong
    But it’ll do for a song.
    In the Euros it’ll get plenty of votes.”

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  10. Captain Tom, who was seldom wrong.
    Taught me to sing some very good songs.
    But ‘Eskimo Nell’
    Stretched me so well.
    A great ballad . . . but EVER so long!

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  11. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    RIGHT or wrong is determined by circumstances,

    An act in itself is not wrong or right needs acceptances.

    Wrong normal dose for thin patient,

    Can turn out to be right due to spillage if impatient,

    Two wrongs, indeed at times can turn out to be right reflectances!

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  13. Chel Owens says:

    There was a young woman named Wong –
    An Aussie, who hated Mah-jong;
    Was redhead, and crude;
    Disliked Chinese food;
    ‘Perhaps,’ thought Ms. Wong, ‘I’m all wrong.’

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  16. Valerie Fish says:

    I thought there was something throng
    Finding hubby dressed in a thong
    On the kitchen table
    With my best friend Mabel
    Playing anything but ping-pong

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