Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s your Monday smile – it’s limerick time. Send in your own or here’s a prompt for you –


Here are a few limericks to make you smile this Monday. The prompt last week was CHEESE.

Keith Channing:

I say, here’s a jolly good wheeze,

A jape fit for us retirees.

Let’s see if these mice

Will do something nice,

If we give them some smelly French cheese.

Kim Smyth:

There once was a chap who ate cheese

Upon thereafter he would sneeze

It seemed to his friends

He’d give it up in the end

But no! He said, “More, if you you please!”

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

I’ll write this limerick if you please

About the smell on the breeze

Its olfactory delight

Is an odour of might!

Stinking Bishop, a very strong Cheese!

Paul Mastaglio:

Smile please

Relax, don’t freeze

You’ll be fine, Kate

All ready for your big date

So, for the camera, say cheese!

Trent’s World:

Please say “cheese” when I snap

You with this funny phone app

Beauty it makes

Of all it takes

Even when you look like crap.

The Hidden Edge:

Debbie and her sister Louise,

Were as different as chalk and cheese,

One shy and retiring,

One always aspiring,

But both have the most knobbly knees!


Oh, Jonny, you’re such tease

No, really. Stop it, please

Our pairing’s not fated

You’re sounding quite dates

Quite honestly, I’ve never head so much cheese.

Lance Greenfield:

“Avez-vous de bons fromages en France?”

“Bien sûr, Monsieur. Les meilleurs du monde!”

“Stilton? Wensleydale? Kings among cheeses!”

“Ooh là là! You English. Such teases!

But we agree. D’accord! Of cheese, we’re fond.”

There was a young farmer from Cheddar,

Who fancied a girl called Jane Pedder.

He went down on one knee,

Promising limitless cheese.

She screamed, “YES!” and he went on to wed her.

Zelda Rene:

Where in the world would I be without cheese?

For comfort food, it’s a good choice to please:

Smoked Gouda, Havarti, Champagne Cheddar creamy…

And thick toasted cheese sandwich…OMG, dreamy!

Yummy plate of my homemade mac & cheese…does it tease?

Sarian Lady:

I only have to say the word ‘cheese,’

My labrador rolls off the couch with ease

You would think I hadn’t fed her.

As she drools under the cheddar.

And lifts up her paw to say ‘please’.

Linking People 2003:

Selenium of cheese good for hair and skin,

Fat, protein, calcium and vitamin,

Zinc, phosphorus, Omega-3, fatty acids, riboflavin replenish.

When externally applied, mops skin blemish.

If spoilt, apply to skin, not throw to bin!

Sharon Tingle:

The villain would have escaped free

Had he not stopped to pocket some brie.

Angry claws ripped at his elbow

Causing his deadly free-fall through a window.

While Happy the cat, snatched the cheese with glee.


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40 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. Brain is what makes people smart;
    Read the writings of René Descartes.
    Although, just like you
    I won’t think it’s true.
    Not until it is on a flip-chart.

  2. My brain hurts so much more now
    I’ve just tried calculus you know
    It didn’t make sense
    And made me so tense
    My maths skills have taken a blow!

  3. trentpmcd says:

    Today I can’t brain nor rhyme
    For I have very little time
    My mind is fog
    And stuck in a bog
    My poetry attempts are a crime

  4. teachezwell says:

    Great limericks! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Don’t complain
    If you don’t use your brain
    Take time to think
    Then with a nod and a wink
    You’ll be back in the game.

    Cheers Paul 😁

  6. Kim Smyth says:

    Having a really smart brain
    Using it to come in out of the rain
    Is so very smart
    Yet most people don’t start
    Until wet, now that’s really insane!

  7. Ritu says:

    If he ever used his brain
    Jack would be right as rain
    Instead, he won’t think
    Just has another drink
    And let’s people think he’s insane!

  8. My darling daughter is Laura Jane,
    Just like her Dad she is quite insane,
    She loves to be tidy,
    Like many girl Friday,
    But oftentimes – it does in my brain!

  9. Valerie Fish says:

    Her brain was the size of a pea
    Her cup size, a huge Double ‘D’
    She wasn’t that dumb,
    Success was to come
    Flaunting her assets on page three.

  10. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    EDUCATION is to train the brain to think,
    Vocalise and use the brain or lose it without a blink!
    Brain controls the neuroendocrine system.
    Endocrinal pituitary and pineal glands in rhythm,
    With brain and spinal cord prevent brain shrink!

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  12. TanGental says:

    A well-hung young fella from Spain,
    Said, ‘I’ve really no wish to complain,’
    ‘That the girls from Lanzarote’
    ‘See me as male totty,’
    ‘Rather than for the size of my brain.’

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  14. Sounds like great fun!
    Here’s mine:
    The world’s tiniest girl named Lorraine,
    Was a genius in spite a wee brain.
    Her brilliance was lost!
    In the Spring’s melting frost.
    She was tragically swept down a drain.

  15. For my Dad, Tony Greenfield.

    How brainy was old Bony Tony?
    He’d often speak utter baloney.
    His greatest advice?
    “If ten words will suffice,
    Use more and you’ll often be lonely.”

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  18. Sharon Tingle says:

    Neanderthal: one with a brain that trumps all
    Being capable of committing far more than just a wrong call.
    Yet the brain being a recorder
    Records both good and bad in chronological order
    But spews out only bad for the cloddish, moronic Mr. Square Ball.

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