Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s Thursday and your new five-word challenge is here. This week, your prompt is SECRET – as suggested by Lance Greenfield. Thank you, Lance! So can you tell a story in five words, using the word SECRET in it somewhere?

Here are your EYEBROWS stories from last week:

Sarian Lady:

Eyebrows show surprises or disappointments

Keith Channing:

Eyebrows and lashes precipitate crashes!

Trent’s World:

Her eyebrows raised at that!

Ransom note used eyebrow pencil….


My eyebrows need threading, urgently!

Wild eyebrows, looking like caterpillars!

Lockdown – not good for eyebrows.

Eyebrow raised, she smiled, knowingly.

Expressive eyebrows tell stories, well.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Don’t raise your eyebrows here!

His eyebrows furled in anger.

My eyebrow pencil is blunt.

Poker tell…Raised right eyebrow!

That cats fur has eyebrows!!!

My eyebrows are very grey.

Kim Smyth:

No tweezers for these eyebrows!

Flawless Touch shapes eyebrows precisely!

Flirting with one’s eyebrows; scandalous!

Joy Smith:

Raised my eyebrows at this!

Nigel budgeted for his eyebrows.

Skirt length raised mothers’ eyebrows.

Sweat band victoriously usurps eyebrows.

Eyebrows meet secretly at bridge.

Above the mask, eyebrows dance.

Caterpillar eyebrows cocooned his face.

Plucky beautician seeks hirsute eyebrows.

EDC Writing:

Eyebrows? Misplaced to catch tears.

Paul Mastaglio:

It’s all in the eyebrows.

Eyebrows moving up and down.

A twitch of the eyebrows.

Sharon Tingle:

Eyebrows looking like blackened blocks.

New look: rainbow coloured eyebrows.

No eyebrows; alien look alike.

Lance Greenfield:

Caterpillar eyebrows become beautiful butterflies.

Stencil with an eyebrow pencil.

Bond arch-eyebrowed his arch enemy.

Bushy eyebrows imply bushy bush.

Eyebrows: hair of bare? Hair!

Barbie and Ken are eyebrowless.

Fingernails and eyebrows comprise keratin.

Helena Bonham Carter: highbrow eyebrows.

Her eyebrows are Cupid’s arrows.

Saucy, smooth, sensual, suggestive eyebrows.

Dirty Bertie had flirty eyebrows.

I’ve a thing about eyebrows.

Baron Denis Winston Eyebrows Healey.

Racy eyebrows light my fire.

Linking People 2003:

Raising eyebrows of native rivals!

Eyebrows threading done for beauty.

Dying eyebrows can harm eyes.

Thin, hairy, even fallen eyebrows.

Chemotherapy can cause eyebrows loss.


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36 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Always secrete your secret secretions!

  2. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    SECRET kept by office secretary!

    SILENCE keeps a secret untold!

    SHARING secret with faithful friends!

    REVEALED secret can create unrest!

  3. Ritu says:

    It’s no secret. I think…
    Can you keep my secret?
    Secret stash of chocolate – FOUND!

  4. Paul Mastaglio says:

    The recipe is a secret.
    Can’t tell you the secret.
    It’s not a secret anymore!

    Cheers Paul 😁

  5. Talked easy, spilled secret, unwise.

  6. She was Mother’s shameful secret.

  7. trentpmcd says:

    A secret in five words? Secret path to hidden world…Tell me all your secrets…

  8. Kim Smyth says:

    Poison was her deadly secret.
    I can’t keep a secret.
    Don’t secret your talents away!

  9. This week’s word is secret.
    Dover cliffs rise: cretaceous rocks.
    The monstrous secret of Loch Ness.
    Stonehenge stones harbour ancient secrets.
    Priest hole: Roman Catholic secret.
    Gran’s diaries revealed family secrets.
    The Home Secretary played away.
    Her secret lover prefers secrecy.
    Natural secrets of personal grooming.
    Your secret’s safe with me.
    Magic Circle won’t disclose secrets.
    Discrete secretaries keep your secrets.
    Everyone heard the secretary’s screams.
    Thirty year rule: Cabinet secrets.
    The secret of immortality is . . .
    Escape down the secret tunnel.
    Social media holds no secrets.
    James Bond: charismatic secret agent.

  10. Her face revealed her secret. She shared her success secrets.

  11. Joy Smith says:

    Aunt’s my Mother, Birth Secrets.
    Secret comes out of closet.
    Inter-Continental Adoption-State Secret.
    Secret Seven, favourite childhood reads.
    Victoria’s half secrets, that’s pants.
    Secret lover whispers sweet nothings.
    Covid annihilated influenza, Top Secret.
    Quilts hold secret freedom message

    Blessings, Joy x

  12. My secret recipe for chaos!
    Secret service seals special storage?
    They secretly brewed Gin here!
    My secret? Wear no makeup.

  13. sarianladyaolcom says:

    secret seven books childhood bliss.

  14. Sharon Tingle says:

    Unsurprisingly, secrets have many secrets.

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