Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s your Monday smile – it’s limerick time. Send in your own or here’s a prompt for you –


Here are a few limericks to make you smile this Monday. The prompt last week was MEAL.

Keith Channing:

It’s hard to explain how I feel

About cooking a high-protein meal.

I don’t enjoy turkey

And I cant stand beef jerky

So I guess it’ll have to be veal.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

I went for a meal that was thai

A delicious and hot stir fry

With king prawns and mussels

In all kinds of vessels

Enjoyed that great food, did I.

Trent’s World:

There once was a boy named Brad

Who did things very very bad

He’d lie cheat and steal

To get a free meal

But he was rich, which is so sad.


A young lad who came from Deal

Took his beloved out for a meal

A three-course dinner

He was onto a winner

Until she told him to get real.

Paul Mastaglio:

Nothing could be finer

When going to the diner

Taking out a meal

Might offer some appeal

Nothing could be kinder.

Linking People 2003:

Glass of water before a meal,

Better digestion it will reveal.

Longer gap between dinner and breakfast encourages autophagy,

It can be slowing aging process strategy.

But, most importantly live with smile and zeal!

Jael Stevens:

If you’re hungry at 5 a.m., it’s breakfast, eat a meal

Don’t wake till noon?  It’s breakfast…eat—to stomach, appeal

Whatever hour you rise ‘starving’, it’s breakfast—so, just eat

Write all night?  Snacks are breakfast, salty and sweet

Truth is, I despise breakfast…I eat when I want, any craving I feel.

Sarian Lady:

When I eat a big meal,

I’ll tell how I feel,

All bloated and sleepy.

Is that a bit freaky?

But it has a strong appeal.

Sharon Tingle:

I wish I had the skill

To make each meal a single pill

No more cooking ever

Just to pop a meal; how clever!

Super slim me I ‘d be just eating my fill.


Pin by Christopher Merritt Voigt on Teach and Learn | Teacher quotes funny,  Teacher jokes, Teaching quotes

Photo credit: Pink Tulip Creations.

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28 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. Teach and explain, the man said
    Each time that I spoke to the Head.
    And when I tried, he
    Could quite clearly see
    How deep was my visceral dread!

  2. Jael Stevens says:

    Thanks as always for the mention 🙂 Good prompt for this week!

  3. Kim Smyth says:

    There once was a man who could teach
    His children seemed so out of reach
    They told him some lies
    And now they despise
    There’s even a movement to impeach.

  4. If you teach you must learn
    Fake knowledge you must spurn
    How much time it takes to get
    Good at teaching your subject
    And marking must be your concern

  5. Ritu says:

    I’d rather be on a beach
    Instead, I’ve to remote teach
    Lessons recorded
    All work rewarded
    Now, somebody, pass me a peach!

    (Because Apple doesn’t rhyme 😉)

  6. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    SKILL is better than Benefits, so teach;
    It provides self respect to each!
    Once a teacher always a student;
    Learning increases the intelligence quotient!
    Google search engine is a big library, preach!

  7. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Down on the beach
    Someone is trying to teach
    Demonstrating in the surf
    For all its worth
    That lots of fun is well within reach.

    Cheers Paul 😁

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  9. sarianladyaolcom says:

    If I was trained to teach,
    I’d take all of the kids on the beach.
    We’d laugh and we’d play,
    Every minute of the day,
    To be happy, is what I’d preach.

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