A Poem For Friday

Here’s a Friday funny for you:

I had an aunt who guzzled gin,

A bottle a day was her sin,

We kept away

Until last May,

When she gained a lottery win.


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17 Responses to A Poem For Friday

  1. I feel a tugging at my crown and feel obliged to retaliate:

    I once had an aunty called Win,
    And she was quite fond of her gin;
    But there was no doubt
    When the priest was about
    She’d hide it, cos it was a sin!

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  2. sarianladyaolcom says:

    made me laugh.

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  3. Avia Morrow says:

    Clever limerick, and I like the Phyllis Diller quote–sure wish a smile WOULD set everything straight, the world would be one big grin 🙂

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