I touch his face, my fingers caressing his lips, catching on a ragged ridge of chapped skin. I press my own to them, tasting the tang of tears as they cascade down my cheeks. I drink in his warmth. Or what’s left; it won’t be long before his lips mirror the hue of a bloated blueberry.

“Don’t go. Don’t leave me.” My fists fly, pounding his chest, pushing him away.

Something shiny claims my attention. Silver. Then red. Blood red.

“I didn’t mean to…” I whisper. “You were going to leave her. For me. You shouldn’t have changed your mind.”


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13 Responses to Destruction

  1. Ooooh, he certainly should have left her, Esther. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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  2. TanGental says:

    Er, happy holidays.. I think!

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  3. Sharon Tingle says:

    Dramatically shocking romantic thriller. Love it!

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  4. Jael Stevens says:

    Oh wow, such a heart grabber…I can feel the vise. The Rowling quote is truly fabulous.

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  5. sarianladyaolcom says:


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