Laughing Along With A Limerick

Here’s your Monday smile – it’s limerick time. Send in your own or here’s a prompt for you –


Here are a few limericks to make you smile this Monday. The prompt last week was STUDY.

Keith Channing:

Study as much as you need;

These urges I have to succeed,

Undeniably strong,

Don’t last very long,

You’ll still never see me concede.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Study is what I should do

But my shoulder is making me blue

I have trouble typing

So now I am moping

A frozen shoulder is painful, it’s true.

Paul Mastaglio:

I need a buddy

To help me study

I’ll not rest

Until I’ve passed my test

Then I’ll be a clever old fuddy duddy!

Kim Smyth:

There was a girl who was loathe to study

Unless she had help from a Buddy

Together was better

As they formed every letter

And the pages were so much less bloody!

Trent’s World:

Ricky was always so clean

Up until he became a teen

He was a quick study

And was soon very muddy

And certainly a sight to be seen.

Jill thought the Dean’s List was made

For she always got a good grade

But no study for test

She didn’t do her best

Now her star is beginning to fade.

Sharon Tingle:

As I sit and study in my garden,

The sounds of nature, my senses hearken.

Colourful birds flitting and chirping

Dangling wind chimes, breeze a-flirting

Many a times, asleep I’ve fallen.

Sarian Lady:

As I sit every day in my study,

My wife calls me old fuddy duddy

I sit reading my books,

Ignoring her looks.

I guess I’m not her best buddy.


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22 Responses to Laughing Along With A Limerick

  1. I really do not give a fig
    If you-know-who’s wearing a wig,
    I really don’t care;
    If he has no hair
    I know his brain’s not very big.

  2. Paul Mastaglio says:

    O’Reilly danced a merry old jig
    In the hope he’d make it big
    He didn’t care
    That he had no hair
    As long as he kept hold of his wig.

    Cheers Paul 😁

  3. Ritu says:

    Old Pete, he loved to jig
    But, in doing so, lost his wig
    He didn’t care
    Who knew about his hair
    He didn’t give a fig!

  4. trentpmcd says:

    At first she would only pout
    But then she would totally wig out
    For the kid was a brat
    A complete unruly rat
    And she had it with that lout

    Ben had a wig of long hair
    He wore it and called himself ‘Cher’
    He wasn’t trans
    But gained some fans
    When he first did it on a dare

  5. His wig it blew off in the wind,
    On the golf course at the Long Mynd
    He chased it and caught it
    But wished he’d not bought it
    In anger it ended up binned.

  6. Into his ear crept a large earwig
    And in the warm moistness did dig
    Down his ear canal he poured oil
    The earwig’s egg laying plans to foil
    The creature died but he gave not a fig.

  7. Sharon Tingle says:

    I hid from myself in fear
    Too afraid to look in the mirror that’s there.
    Turning away, I put on the wig.
    Then says my Honey with a heart so big:
    “Chemo makes you more beautiful my dear”

    Disguised, I walked from aisle to aisle
    I wanted to get a Gucci style
    Skillfully, I slipped it in my bag
    Which I passed to my fellow scallywag.
    “Nice wig,” she says with a knowing smile.

  8. Kim Smyth says:

    I once was in need of a wig
    Which did not make me dance a jig
    The hair cost a bunch
    I could’ve lost my lunch
    Luckily, my hubby didn’t give a fig!

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  10. TanGental says:

    Betty says she doesn’t give a fig;
    Our love, she says, is far too big.
    But how will I teach her
    About my alopecia
    If I cannot unstick this blasted wig?

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