Two Poems

Dark Thoughts For All Seasons

Spring: The Easter Bunny, helping build the obese.

Summer: Heat waves, aiding the spread of skin cancer.

Autumn: Darker days, bringing with it depression.

Winter: Christmas costs; who says Scrooge died long ago?

Happy Thoughts For All Seasons

Spring: Lambs and fresh flowers; nature reigns eternal.

Summer: Glorious sunshine, lifting all hearts.

Autumn: Crisp colours; sweet harvest smells linger.

Winter: Snowfall, snowflakes and sledging – a child’s dream.


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5 Responses to Two Poems

  1. That sends out a message, a philosophy on how you look at life. Do you see the good or the bad side? Most people complain about a rainy day, I see the good side, the fresh smell, the greenery being watered, the warm feeling when looking through the window at the downpour, etc. These poem show us both sides and what we take for granted but shouldn’t.

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