Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s Thursday and your new five-word challenge is here. This week, your prompt is SUGAR. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word SUGAR in it somewhere?

Here are your LOST stories from last week:

EDC Writing:

He lost her finding him.


Have you lost the plot?

I lost ‘it’ at 18…

She lost Mum’s antique ring!

Gambled it all… And LOST!!!

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Lost to Federer! Damn it!

Horse lost its shoe yesterday.

Lost in space with Donald.

We lost the match overwhelmingly!

Lost cat, last seen Friday.

Christmas Post lost in mail.

I lost the plot, slightly…

Ajay Simon Richard:

Lost time never comes back.

Lost memories can come back.

Energy lost: take deep breaths.

Dream again for lost dreams.

Keith Channing:

Anybody seen my lost memory?

Paul Mastaglio:

Where am I? Lost again!

Getting lost is such fun!

I’m just lost for words.

Sharon Tingle:

I lost my red purse.

Lost and Found had it.

Luckily, that’s all I lost.

Yesterday I lost my way.

Write Lindy:

The future is not lost.

It’s not a lost fight.

True friends are never lost.

Redistributed wealth is not lost.

Not lost just new beginnings.

Sarian Lady:

Lives lost at what cost?

Valerie A Fish:

Trump lost; best news ever.

Help, I’ve lost my marbles!

A lost love’s never forgotten.

Has Harry lost his way?

I’m forever lost in thought.


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36 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    My life is sugar-free…mostly!

  2. sarianladyaolcom says:

    Hot tea with sugar…happiness

  3. Honey or sugar… Your choice?
    Saying sugar instead of sh**!
    He added a sugar cube.
    Sugar cane cut by slaves…
    She cannot stand sugared almonds
    Ingredients : sugar, honey, glycerine-sweet!
    Add sugar to taste, carefully.

  4. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Christine said it first. Sh…sugar!
    Sugar and spice. It’s nice.
    Sugar with your tea, Vicar?

    Cheers Paul 😁

  5. Darlene says:

    Great word!
    Won’t you be my sugar?
    Sugar’s sweet, but honey’s sweeter.
    Dead, an overdose of sugar.
    Clue, follow the sugar cubes.

  6. Don’t ‘Sugar’ me! Okay ‘Sweetie’.

  7. Ritu says:

    Don’t need no Sugar Daddy!
    Sugar is my one weakness.
    Hey Sugar. How you doin’?
    Sugared almonds are too hard!
    No sugar in my tea.

  8. trentpmcd says:

    Oh sugar, is it bad? Please don’t sugar coat it…

    Sweet as sugar…, but ferocious!

  9. ….CURTAIL sugar, salt, spices & oil!

    ….GOD gave sugar as sugarcane!

    ….MAN concentrates sugarcane into sugar!

    ….SUGARCANE juice better than sugar!

  10. Ooh, ooh. Can I do an acrostic story?

    Simple Underground Growth Aids Radishes

  11. Poison can look like sugar.

  12. Valerie A fish says:

    Politicians like to sugar coat
    Candy floss is pure sugar
    Sugar’s my go-to swear word
    Sugar daddy wanted (own teeth)
    Just a spoonful of sugar…

  13. Sharon Tingle says:

    Sugar on sale! Sweet deal
    Cocaine ingested; mistaken for sugar
    The sugar sweetness of love
    Beet production halted; sugar shortage.

  14. Sharon Tingle says:

    Man down! radio for assistance!
    Oldies hits on radio tonight
    Dance marathon on radio FM
    Hurricane warnings broadcasted on radio
    Radio disc jokey job’s all-nighter

  15. Sharon Tingle says:

    That should be : Radio disc jockey job’s all-nighter

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