Guest Limericks

Here are your wonderful limericks using the word GUEST from a couple of weeks ago:

Geoff Le Pard:

I really must get off my chest

The terror that follows ‘be our guest’

In my wardrobe, I stare

Wondering what I should wear

The diamanté or the sequined string vest?

Keith Channing:

Good friends never invite a guest

Unless it’s at “someone’s” behest.

Each time I appear

Some things turn out queer –

The whole blooming house is possessed!

Trent’s World:

The haunted house had a fun fest

For a scary place, it was the best

Mary stopped in

For a nip of gin

And now she’s a permanent guest.

I once had a guest for dinner

I never took her as a sinner

But when supper was done

She expected some fun

Boy, that night was a winner!

Christine Mallaband-brown:

I was a guest at a house

Where they made a pet of a mouse

It skittered and jumped

And my heart really pumped

For the rodent was really a…


Paul Mastaglio:

Bob was at his best

When he didn’t wear a vest

He was off to see Hugh

Who was having a bit of a do

But he’s the one and only guest.

Kim Smyth:

So here is a rather small request

In case I am blessed with a guest

Don’t mind the mess

I’m managing my stress

Hey! Don’t complain, at least I am dressed!!


“Dear God, Onslow, cover that vest!

Can you not see we’re entertaining a guest?

You’ll upset the vicar

And his dodgy ticker

If you don’t go and put on your best!”

Hyacinth Bucket’s finest!

Roberta Writes:

It always feels like a test

To have to host a guest

I need to wash and clean

So my house is fit to be seen

Only after do I get to rest.


Here’s a limerick written for jest

Just a rhyme to keep readers impressed

With its jaunty display

It has little to say

If you want to join in – be my guest!

Zack and Zelda:

You wouldn’t think it required quest

Just to find a dinner guest

But due to this pandemic thing

We must observe social-distancing

Dining with Mr Perfect-Invisible’s best!


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