Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s Thursday and your new five-word challenge is here. This week, I want to know what you think about MILK. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word MILK in it somewhere?

Here are your SPIDERS stories from last week:

EDC Writing:

Spiders, swallows one a day.

Kim Smyth:

Spiders eat bugs, keep them!


Spidery lashes framed her eyes.

I’m not a spider fan.

Dew glistens on spider webs.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Spiders do fly you know!

My cat leaves spiders legs.

I spied a big spider.

Halloween, sugar coated spider webs.

Swallowed spider! Feeling very webby…

Spiders from Mars? Very odd.

Paul Mastaglio:

Spiders live in our house.

The cat chases after spiders.

Sometimes the spiders get caught.

Trent’s World:

Ziggy Stardust, Spiders from Mars.

Like spiders on my spine.

Flash! Space spiders eat Washington!


Miss Muffett establishes spider sanctuary.
(Headline in Daily Nursery Rhyme News.)

Sarian Lady:

Spiders’ webs frosty mornings. Artistic.

Richmond Road:

Spiders have too many legs

Crawling secretly on uncovered skin

Under your clothes and within

Places they should never be

Or see. In the dark

To park. And wait. Late

Into the night. All eight

Of those legs. Suddenly awake

You scream. At the unseen.

Delivering an octopod love letter

A mosquito would be better.

Valerie Fish:

Charlotte – cutest spider of all.

She swallowed a spider… Aargh!

Useful tip; spiders hate peppermint.

I was saved by Spider- Man.

(True story, though maybe ‘saved’ is a bit of an exaggeration… Wanting to escape getting on a ride at Universal studios, in my panic, I exited through a ‘no re-entry door, and found myself looking down over the backlot. Now in even more of a panic, as I came down the stairs, who should be trotting past but Spiderman! I shall be forever grateful to my masked hero who pointed me in the right direction back to civilisation).


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31 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Darlene says:

    I love your true story!! Here are my milk stories
    My story, don’t milk it.
    Farmers milk cows on time.
    Chocolate milk is the best.
    I love cookies and milk.

  2. Kim Smyth says:

    Great story! Here’s mine!
    I’m no milk fan but…
    I do like almond/coconut blend!
    Milk mustaches are so cute!

  3. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Don’t cry over spilt milk.
    Milk the situation? Why not?
    Milk with your tea, Vicar?

    Cheers Paul 😁

  4. Nice stories about spiders, Esther.

  5. Ritu says:

    Damn! The milk is off!
    He’s really milking it, now.

  6. Don’t milk it! You fool
    Milk, eggs, flour, butter, sugar?
    just off to milk goats
    Cheese made from Jersey milk.
    Milk and butter really yummy

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  8. writelindy says:

    He wilts without Mother’s milk.
    Creamy milk glides like silk.
    She milked him dry.
    The milkman creeps around.
    Why drink another creature’s milk?
    The snake’s milk is venomous.

  9. I cannot drink cow’s milk.
    Milk is produced during lactation.
    Many animals produce drinkable milk.
    Breast milk provides immune support.
    Cheese is made from milk.

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  11. Valerie A fish says:

    Warm milk at bedtime, heaven.
    Warm milk at school, yuk!
    Thatcher, Thatcher, the milk snatcher
    Who remembers school milk jelly?
    Skimmed milk tastes like water
    (So says my brother)

  12. sarianladyaolcom says:

    self-important.The milk monitor.

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