Your Brave Tales

Here are your entertaining five-word stories of BRAVEry from a couple of weeks ago:

Trent’s World:

Put on a brave face; it’s a brave new world.

Kim Smyth:

I was brave and parasailed!

Writing is a brave act.


Am I feeling brave enough?

Would you brave a bungee?

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Scotland the brave and mountainous,

Brave Belle beat Brutal Ben

I was brave, ate chilli’s!

He was very brave today.

Have you eaten brave potatos?

You can brave the weather.

Bungee jumper, ever so brave!

Annette Rochelle Aben

Brave are those who try.

Brave are those who fail.

Sarah Evans:

Be brave and stay indoors.

Zack and Zelda:

Brave runs circles around fear.

Kim Blade’s Writing:

Sick people are very brave.

Bravery and courage are synonyms.

Criminals are opposite of brave.

My soldier mother was brave.

Brave people are also kind.


The Spitfire beckoned the brave.


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4 Responses to Your Brave Tales

  1. Some nice 5-word stories here, Esther.

    • Thanks, Robbie. How are things going with you?

      • Okay, Esther. I was booked off work with high blood pressure for a month and everything came right and I stopped the pills. I’ve been back at work a week and by Wednesday my BP was back up to over 170/90 and yesterday it went up to 179/100 and wouldn’t drop. I have to go back on the pills. It is definitely caused by work related stress. That is life though so I’ll have to take the pills and carry on. I hope your shoulder is doing much better now. I am working on a new novella which I hope you’ll help me with in due course.

      • Of course I will. I’d love to. Sorry to hear about your high blood pressure. It clearly is work, but glad the pills can control it. Take care.

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