Limericks With A Wink

As promised, here are your limericks with the prompt WINK from the middle of September.

Keith Channing:

When I see a pretty girl wink

It seldom means quite what I think.

I fear if I smile,

A reaction hostile

Is likely to drive me to drink.

Geoff Le Pard:

You don’t need to be a deep thinker

To realise that old man is a stinker

When he leers at a girl

And makes her hair curl;

He’s not cool, just a bit of a winker.

For years, I could never find work

As my wink made everything jerk

But the prescribed medication

Has, to my consternation

Changed the wink to a continuous twerk.

Christine Mallaband-brown:

A nod and a wink came my way

That I would get a cake today

I waited and waited

But it was not fated

Instead I got pretzels in hay!

Paul Mastaglio:

This word wink

Has thrown me out of sync

I don’t know what to say

Might leave it for a day

What do you think?

Kim Smyth:

I once sat right down for a think

About a guy who threw me a wink

Was he being coy

Or was I a ploy

To get me to buy him a drink?


Young Jack couldn’t help but give winks

Whenever he had a few drinks

Jill thought he was flirtin’

He ended up hurtin’

Now, before winking, he thinks!

Chelsea Owens:

Dark-glassèd, my neighbor would shrink;

“She’s crazy,” her friends would all think.

“I’m not lunatic!

“I just have a tic,”

She’d counter, whilst giving a wink.


Did you give that handsome man a wink?

Whatever will your poor husband think?

You’re a devious girl

Your husband is a pearl

Not the type to pull off a hoodwink.

Zack and Zelda:

Deadly sly devil, at ladies he’d wink

Melt them like ice in tropical drink

Many a heartache was to him tallied

Foolish flirty girls who with him dallied

Smarter, I thought…he hooked me quick as a blink.


I once met a boy with a blink.

Whose affliction caused me to think.

I looked into his eyes

And to my pleasant surprise,

This was not a blink, but a wink.


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  1. Z & Z says:

    Thanks for including me always 🙂 And, I’m definitely in “energy saving mode”–love this!!

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