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One of my lovely Writers Bureau students, Mia Kun, has just launched her new book and I was only too happy to help her promote it.

Here’s the blurb for Journey of a Butterfly to entice you:

Losing a bet is one thing; losing yourself is a whole different story.

Katherine Shaw’s childish fear got her into making an innocent bet with her best friend, Alex, which landed her at Thornfield Academy when The Royal Ballet was ready to offer her a contract and fulfil her destiny of becoming the youngest prima ballerina.

Instead of facing the competitiveness of the ballet company, Kat has to face the real world and get a taste of everything she was missing out including all the jealousy, fake friends and a life changing first love.

Eventually she needs to decide if her love for Will can overpower her love for ballet and ultimately, she will have to choose between them.

Meanwhile, Alex was running away from himself. Choosing Thornfield, the furthest school possible was supposed to give him a fresh start. But new beginnings come at a price.

A coming of age story about friendship, first love and frenemies.

Intrigued? Here’s an extract from the book:

Lewis Capaldi’s voice filled the room, and I could feel the melody sink under my skin as the lyrics called to me. With every movement, I was losing myself in the music, sinking deeper and deeper. Letting my guard down and not caring about anything, just the pain that the singer might have felt. I was a stranger to love. I didn’t understand what his song “Hold Me While You Sleep” was about, but I gave it my meaning.

“Group one with music,” Demidov called out to the room.

I stepped forward, and my eyes met Alex’s in the mirror. Our gaze locked for a long moment before the music started. None of us was thinking anymore. Our hearts connected even if our bodies followed the steps given to us. We were in sync: our heads, arms, and legs. We didn’t miss a beat while dancing solely to the mirror, not losing sight of each other’s reflection. By the time the chorus came around, we had found each other’s eyes in person, and we could let go. His soft, yet precise moves encouraged me to push myself further. The changing dynamics in the music pushed me to follow them, changing up my always soft and lyrical movements. It was pure magic whenever Alex and I danced together. Our chemistry was out of the world on the dance floor. Strictly there. I could find Alex in every song. No matter what it was about, or who the singer was, they all lead back to my best friend. We instantly connected, and the world faded away. All I needed was the music and him. That was all I ever needed.

“Good,” Demidov nodded, his eyes passing between my friend and me. We were both out of breath, but since the music stopped, our magic was gone. We weren’t staring at each other anymore. He was fixing his shirt, as I retied my hair in a ponytail. “People talk about this, but I have never witnessed it. Not until now.”

The entire class fell silent, and they were all watching us with careful eyes. We were the best of the best in our divisions, but when people watched us together, they understood that our dancing was on another level, like putting together two pieces of a puzzle. It was rare to find this connection between dancers, and we knew it wouldn’t last.

Because as much as I only needed Alex and ballet to make my world whole, for him, this was a tiny fraction, and he wanted more. He wanted the entire universe. Football games. The girls. University. He wanted so much more than I could have given him.

The realization hit me hard as my breathing sounded even more out of control.

Our dances were limited.

We were running out of time.

This connection was about to be the end of us. The end of everything we’ve ever known. But we weren’t ready. Neither of us wanted to flip the page, because once we did it, it was forever. And we weren’t prepared for the rest of our lives without each other.

Alex’s eyes found mind, and for a long moment, I felt the bizarre electricity spark between us. I turned my head as I sucked in a deep breath before moving to the side of the room. I kept my eyes focused on the ground, not even acknowledging my friend’s burning gaze.

“Are you ok?” he poked me with a half-smile. “You seem emotional.”

I was emotional.

“Yep. Just having a rough day and stripping off my soul like this makes me feel even worse.”

“I love dancing with you,” Alex admitted.

I knew he loved it, but not enough.

A small, sad smile appeared on my face. “You asked me for a year or two, before taking the contract. But… you will never be ready. Once you tasted freedom, you wouldn’t want that life full of rules. I keep having this feeling like you are drifting away from me. Growing and building a new life. A life I’m not part of anymore.”

I saw his eyes spark all day long; I could see excitement buzz through him even when just sitting in class and, I could see the end of us. I didn’t need him to make it better; I just needed him, to be honest.

“Why are you giving up on me?” he dipped his head to whisper in my ear, before burying his face in my shoulders. “Kat.”

“Alex,” his name rolled off my lips as a prayer, while I tangled my fingers into his wet hair. I loved playing with it. It grounded me somehow while it calmed him. “You know me better than I know myself, right?” He nodded. “I know you pretty darn well too and you hate this.”

“Hate is a powerful word, Kathy.”

“But that’s how you feel.” I pushed him for an answer. “That’s how you always felt, and now you are free to do whatever you want, and that’s not this.”

“It’s complicated.” I rolled my eyes. “One day, you will get it, I promise.”

Defeat washed over me as I slouched onto the barre and shook my head. I knew something was off and we were living on borrowed time. I just needed him to be honest and put me out of my misery, because, one day in, I already knew this wasn’t what I wanted. 

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  1. Zack and Zelda says:

    Very intriguing, lots of emotion.

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