Book Review: The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters

I first met the lovely Glynis Peters at a writer event a few years ago. We hit it off straight away and became good friends. It’s been an absolute delight to watch Glynis’ writing take off in a very big way over the past couple of years. Her first book with Harper Collins, The Secret Orphan, went on to become an international bestseller and it looks like her second book, The Orphan Thief, will achieve every bit as much success.

I’ve just finished reading The Orphan Thief. Here’s the blurb:

When all seems lost…

As Hitler’s bombs rain down on a battered and beleaguered Britain, Ruby Shadwell is dealt the most devastating blow – her entire family lost during the Coventry Blitz. 

Hope still survives…

Alone and with the city in chaos, Ruby is determined to survive this war and rebuild her life.  And a chance encounter with street urchin Tommy gives Ruby just the chance she needs… 

And love will overcome.

Because Tommy brings with him Canadian Sergeant Jean-Paul Clayton.  Jean-Paul is drawn to Ruby and wants to help her, but Ruby cannot bear another loss. 

Can love bloom amidst the ruins?  Or will the war take Ruby’s last chance at happiness too?

Here’s my review:

Glynis has a way of making you care for the central character, Ruby Shadwell, straight away. And once you do, you’re hooked; you have to read on and to find out what happens to her. I wanted to wrap my arms around Ruby and shield her from the atrocities she experiences, but she’s a strong, wilful character, who is determined to battle through. As a reader, you’re cheering her on every step of the way.

Glynis captures the time exceptionally well and brings home the true horrors of living through wartime.

It’s a story of love and sacrifice, of endurance and lifelong friendships.

I thoroughly recommend it.

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6 Responses to Book Review: The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters

  1. So important to make a reader care about the central character.

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  2. Thank you for such a lovely review! x

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  3. This sounds like a poignant and wonderful read, Esther.

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