Guest Blog Post – Featuring Eric Clarke

It’s Friday and time for my guest post. If you’d like to feature as a guest on my blog, please get in touch. I’m looking for stories and non-fiction pieces of up to 1500 words and poems of up to 40 lines. If you can also send me a photo and a little bit about yourself too, that would be great. Please send them to

This week’s guest writer is Eric Clarke. I first met Eric at the London Book Fair a few years ago. We’ve become good friends since then and I’ve watched with interest as his work has deservedly become recognised. Recently, Eric had his first collection of poems, Shorts, published by Potter’s Grove Press. Here’s a little bit more about him:

Eric Daniel Clarke (aka EDC Writing) is an Englishman, raised and schooled in Devon close to its Somerset and Dorset borders, and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. He has spent his adult life near the River Thames, in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, working as a scientist at the boundaries of the physical and life sciences. Now in his later years he finds himself writing poetry and prose, using words in place of molecules to explore life’s boundaries; observed, imagined, of his mind and yours.

The following poem is a topical one I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to.

England – Isolated Views


Eric Clarke

MARCH (18th)

Watched the teatime news

emotions, hopes, confused

can’t go out today

that’s what the modellers say

untested, tested, pray.

APRIL (22nd)

My morning, still

birdsong, open window

no people walking by

quiet, almost forgotten

the sound of child’s play

Two by two, walking

midday, both sides

middle of the road

break step, pause

others stare, move on

Good evening, late

afternoon, politician’s

speak, experts, statistics

common sense retreats

press questions, repeats.

MAY (6th)

Dream in isolation

what was isn’t now

as if it ever is…

JUNE (3rd)

Four walls within four more

right angles, tight circles

closed doors, open windows

delivery, step back, no signing

mind wandering, body in.

JUNE (19th)

It isn’t over till it isn’t

he’ll go out tomorrow

it’ll rain today she said

looking out the window

it hasn’t yet, it will.

JULY (14th)

Common sense let out the door

back in looking out the window.

Spike and spike and spike again,

cheap clothes, their fault, our own.

Cheers another beer, sand between

their toes, dust to dust, head stoned.

Out of mind, unknowns weep alone.

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4 Responses to Guest Blog Post – Featuring Eric Clarke

  1. Reblogged this on EDC Writing – Believing Sight Unseen and commented:
    My thanks to my good friend, writer, tutor, editor, Esther Chilton for featuring me as a guest on her blog today. My poem ‘England – Isolated Views’ is a compilation of individual short poems posted March through to July – it’s a strange feeling looking back at words written of the moment in times we’re living through.

  2. It feels good to be here on you blog, Esther – thank you – have a good weekend. Eric.

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