Guest Blog Post and A Review!

The lovely Sarah Evans, author, freelance writer and avid crafter, invited me to do a guest post about my book last week. In the post, I gave a brief overview of my book and included an extract from the book about rejection:

Rejection is part and parcel of a writer’s life. I could paper my whole house with the rejection letters I’ve had over the years! Yes, it stings when you receive a rejection. That precious piece of work you’ve spent hours lovingly nurturing isn’t good enough. However, it may have been…

To read the full post, click here

Sarah’s also been kind enough to give me a fantastic 5* review. You’ll find it here.

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3 Responses to Guest Blog Post and A Review!

  1. Sarah says:

    Aw, thank you, Esther. It was a pleasure to have you as a guest on my blog. 🙂

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  2. CARAMEL says:

    I have a question….I am asking this in my naivety and ignorance of how publishers work.
    If you decide to self-publish with Amazon KDP, can you still send your manuscript to other publishing agencies to see whether they might be interested in a traditional publishing contract?

    I received lots of offers of contracts saying they were willing to offer me a form of publishing that required me to shell out a fortune for their services. There was not question of me doing that. So I went with self-publishing because it is free. But I am so hopeless at marketing my books. My friends and family are much better at it and I am sure they generate far more sales than I do. But that is where I see the value of working with a traditional publishing agency – as well on refining your book, they can support you with marketing.


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