Funny Of The Week

Just a slight difference…

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16 Responses to Funny Of The Week

  1. jwebster2 says:

    You have to admit it sticks to the ribs 😉

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Bit of a difference 😉

  3. Probably used for making rock cakes.

  4. LOL, sounds like a recipe for “lockjaw” 😉

  5. Ritu says:

    Might be hard to swallow… 😉

  6. CARAMEL says:

    It might work…I hate it when my veggie burger slips out of my brioche bun. If I used salsa made with this recipe, it might keep the whole thing together.
    Do you think that Hanson Cement might sell their products by the teaspoonful? I don’t think I have for a full tanker.

  7. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Could have been a bit heavy on the digestion.

  8. All the emphasis is definitely on the slight, Esther. I hope you are doing okay with your shoulder.

  9. Rhen Laird says:

    Hahahahaha, hilarious!

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