My Latest Book – Launch Date Coming Soon…

Next week I’ll be announcing the launch date for my latest book, Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!). Here’s an extract from the beginning of the chapter on writing competitions:

Is it a dream of yours to win a writing competition? To have your writing truly recognised? To know your story was the best? As a winner of several writing competitions, I know first-hand how special writing competitions are. Doing well in a competition changes how you think about your writing. It gives it authority, whether you’re shortlisted or a winner. It’s something to put at the top of your writing CV and it can lead to other work. Succeeding in competitions made me realise I could write and if my writing was good enough to win such well-known competitions, it was good enough to send out to editors. 

Another attraction of writing competitions is they’re great fun to enter. Many competitions have cash prizes and publish the winning entries in print form, in a magazine or anthology, while others publish on the Internet. Some organisers also provide a critique to the entrant in exchange for just a few pounds. This can be invaluable as all too often editors reject our writing with no hint of why our precious piece of work isn’t suitable.

I then go on to explain how you can find out about writing competitions and how to write a winning story, together with plenty of tips and examples.

I’ll also be announcing a writing competition soon…

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30 Responses to My Latest Book – Launch Date Coming Soon…

  1. Ritu says:

    Sounds great!

  2. John Reynolds says:

    That sounds great! Will it be paperback? Can’t wait to get reading.

    Regards John

  3. Yep – I’ll be reading this, Esther.

  4. I always think I should enter a writing competition but I never have. Mind you, I always find your blog very encouraging!

  5. Paul Mastaglio says:

    Esther, will there be a paperback version of your book as I would prefer that? Your book sounds great though. If there isn’t, I would still buy the kindle one 😀

  6. This sounds really exciting, Esther. I need to enter more writing competitions, but often just don’t know where to look for them. I’m also usually worried that my story will need an edit before submitting it. I guess that’s a good idea and give the story a better chance?

    • Yes, you’re right, Hugh. If the judge has to choose between two very good stories – one that has some issues and errors and one that’s more or less perfectly written, they’ll choose the latter. So it’s good to enhance your chances.

  7. Philip George says:

    Really looking forward to this book Esther. I will be waiting for the paper back version to come out. It will be a huge benefit to me I’m sure.

  8. Jim Borden says:

    Good luck with your new book launch, and congrats on the writing competition success you have had…

  9. markbierman says:

    Sold. I’ll be grabbing a copy when it comes out. All the best with the new book, Esther.

  10. Trying to learn how to reblog, so till i know what I’m doing, will do it the good old fashioned way and do a post! Can’t wait for it to come out – in paperback but i will settle for ebook too if necessary 😃

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  12. I’ve entered a few over the years. The best I’ve done is ‘highly commended’ in a short story competition run by Colin Dexter in which he set the first line. That was exciting to write and even more so to get a mention in dispatches.
    Perhaps I should read your book and try harder!

  13. Reblogged this on Write to Inspire and commented:
    I am sure that this announcement from Esther Chilton will excite a lot of my writer friends; me included.

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