Can You Tell A Story In…

Your new five-word challenge is here. Last week, I wanted you to give yourselves a BREAK. This week, it’s all about the MEDIA. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word MEDIA in it somewhere?

Here are your BREAKS from last week:

Paul Mastaglio:

Step out. Take a break.

How long is your break?

Make a break for it.


Gimme a break for once!

Be careful, don’t break it.

It was her big break.

Please don’t break my heart.


Please don’t break my heart.

Waves break. Sun sets. Perfect.

Seriously? Give me a break!

Kim Smyth:

We need a break soon!

John Reynolds:

It’s one big break now.

I just love this break.

Shake me, don’t break me.

Kevin Cooper:

This will break your heart.

Your heart will truly break.

Break over and over again.

EDC Writing:

Tears? Kindness too can break.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

We both needed a break.

Careful! Don’t break your neck!

Let us all break bread.

  • page break –
  • page break –
  • end-

Cat, do not break that!

Help him break his habit?

Roberta Writes:

No break equaled no productivity.

Break it, then bury it.

She never got a break.


Break with routine. Summon creativity.

Break down stubborn patterns. Thrive.

Give me a break pussycat!

Ruth Scribbles:

I will break your arm.

Do not break the china.

My heart will break soon.

Trent’s World:

I’m on a work break.

I will break with tradition.

I must break my silence.

Give me a friggin break!

Try to break the record, but don’t break your back.

Jason Moody:

Gimme a break. He’s what?

Right, break time. Coffee calling!

Break my heart? Not likely.

A stolen break works wonders.

Break it, darling – you pay.

I want to break cheese!

Only love can break boundaries.

Val Fish:

We were on a break! ( Ross to Rachel )


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18 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    The media influences us all.
    It’s all the media’s fault.
    No false news without media.

  2. Paul Mastaglio says:


    Social media? Be very careful!

    Television, Press. A media frenzy!

    Media friendly or media unfriendly?

    Cheers Paul 😁


  3. Ritu says:

    Blame the media for EVERYTHING!
    Social Media can be fun!
    The Media loves to stir.
    Some media isn’t very social…
    Social media – Yes or No?

  4. My media is acrylic paint.
    Never tell the media anything!
    Cat starring on social media.
    Media not medium- you fool!
    Paul- an alien- says media…..
    I wrote to the media

  5. Fake news is mixed media


  6. The media stalked her relentlessly. The media was easily manipulated.

  7. Valerie Fish says:

    Multi-media; a bunch of mediums?

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