A Walk In The Woods: and other short stories by Esther Chilton @esthernewton201 #BookReview

I’m chuffed to bits with this lovely review!

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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods (and other short stories)

Esther Chilton

(Review written 07/05/2020)

This brilliant collection of short stories has kept me glued to my kindle paperwhite screen for the last two nights. I could have quite happily read it all on the first night had I not started reading too late (lightweight, I know!).

All the stories in this collection are very clever and unique.

‘A Walk in the Woods’ is the first story and what an introduction to the collection! Heart-breaking! ‘Jake’ is equally emotional and heart-wrenching. All are emotional tales, in one way or another, and very much character led. ‘The Letter’ is particularly hard-hitting, especially considering it is only one page long. ‘The Brat’ had me holding my breath in hopeful anticipation. ‘The Battle’ broke my heart all over again. ‘William’ proves that there is always hope.

I think ‘Operation Flora’ is my absolute favourite…

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16 Responses to A Walk In The Woods: and other short stories by Esther Chilton @esthernewton201 #BookReview

  1. Philip George says:

    Congratulations on a lovely review of your book Esther. Well deserved I’m sure. I’m going to buy the book now x

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  2. Ritu says:

    What a great review for your lovely book! ❤

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  3. Well deserved review, Esther – congratulations.

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  4. I purchased the book a while back, I love short stories and this book didn’t disappoint. It has a variety of themes and I found it interesting. No doubt I will read it again, as I often do with the good ones.

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  5. This was very helpful as I loved your book, which I read recently but rubbish at reviews 😂 I can’t even write a synopsis for myself. So I pressed it 👍

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  6. JM Williams says:

    Haha. Awesome.

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