Bite Size Writing Tips

Going on holiday soon? What a perfect time to write!

But surely holidays aren’t for writing? Holidays are for relaxing and doing nothing. For some they are but for others, they’re a time to see the sights and enjoy new experiences. This is excellent fodder for novels, stories and articles, as well as fillers and letters. You could just take some notes and photos, so you don’t even have to write on holiday; this can all be stored and it’s then ready for you to work on when you’re back home.

On the other hand, perhaps you write best on holiday away from the rush and hassle of everyday life at home. Even if you’re on holiday with family, you can still spend a little time writing, either when everyone else is taking a siesta or if you each have some time to do your own thing.


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4 Responses to Bite Size Writing Tips

  1. Darlene says:

    I write when on holidays. I especially do a lot of writing while on a plane, train or in an automobile. (well not if I’m driving!)

  2. CARAMEL says:

    ❤ Is anyone going on holiday? I thought travel was coming to a standstill! ❤

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