Can You Tell A Story In…

I hope you’re having a great week. How about trying a new challenge? Last week I wanted something COLD from you. This week, I’m looking for the opposite and something HOT. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word HOT in it somewhere?

Here are your creative thoughts on COLD from last week:


Aachoo! Not another cold, sheesh!

Cold feet! Move over, hubby!

Scarf, coat, hat, gloves – COLD!

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Ice cold gin and tonic.

My nose is very cold.

Cold cuts are for lunch.

The cold case was solved.

Cold fusion? Not just yet!

Paul L Mastaglio:

You’re blowing hot and cold.

A cold chill lingered here.

Wrap up. It’s cold today.

Trent’s World:

You want a brief, cold story?

Just the hard, cold facts?

Maybe, but it’s cold here.

The cold weather is distracting.

It’s so cold, my brain froze!

Cold, but I’m warming up.

You like my cold story? Cool…


Cold shoulder betrays warm heart.

Write Lindy:

Old, and cold every day.

His words leave me cold.

It is not a cold.

I yearn for the cold.

Kisses warm very cold lips.

Bharul Chhatbar:

Cold, are you not enough?

Cold, love your super hold.

Cold you are my love.

London, I’m loving thy cold!

Simon Farnell:

I’ve got a bad cold!

The mood suddenly turned cold.

I scolded the dog mercilessly.

Ruth Scribbles:

My feet are ice cold.

He has a bad cold.

She turned a cold shoulder.

They consume ice cold drinks.

Cold houses are very unfriendly.

Roberta Writes:

His advances left me cold.

Cold fingers gripped her neck.

Her streaming cold was irritating.

Kim Smyth:

I hate this cold weather!!!

Val Fish:

Watching Frozen left me cold.

Man flu is just a cold.

Cold showers dampen your ardour


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32 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. writelindy says:

    He’s hot. Sadly, I’m not.
    Scarred by David’s hot cigarettes.
    Hot liquid scalded her face.

  2. 40° C is hot.
    Hot cross buns are yummy.
    Jalepeños are hotter than hell.
    Coffee is best when hot.
    Her forehead is very hot.

  3. Ritu says:

    Oh my… He’s so hot!
    Signs of age – Hot flushes.
    Got myself in hot water.

  4. Kim Smyth says:

    Alcohol sometimes makes me hot.

  5. trentpmcd says:

    I’m in hot water now! Caught ogling a hot woman. Both are pretty steamed, hot. The woman’s glare was hot. Not as hot as Mrs.! Red faced, I’m not hot. Well, hot under the collar. Stupid, Trent, not too hot… Hot to trot to hide! (Despite the use of my name, the above is pure fiction 😉 )

  6. I am hot with anger!
    That is a hot property..
    I hate being so hot.
    Bake in a hot oven.
    Hot chocolate with marshmallows please.
    Too hot to think straight.

  7. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Admiring Hot ten tot Venus.

  8. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Hot ten tot Venus’s revenge.

  9. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Hot ten tot Venus avenged.

    This is related to a sad case of people being shown as freaks much like the Elephant man. Truly sad that human beings can be so cruel. What depravity this was exhibiting this woman as they did.

  10. She is so very hot
    Me hot? No thank you,
    Never did like hot curry!

  11. Simon says:

    Hello there Esther, I hope you have a great weekend and that life is treating you well. As for my stories:
    My tea definitely wasn’t hot.
    Hot pizza, my eyes watering.
    It was a great shot!

    See you next week 🙂

  12. Paul Mastaglio says:


    You’re blowing hot and cold!

    It’s too hot in here.

    Hot date? Mustn’t be late!

    Paul 😁


  13. valfish56 says:

    Hot tub for two; heaven
    Damn hot flushes, damn menopause!
    Trump’s full of hot air

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