A Walk In The Woods – Extract

For those of you who missed my blog from Saturday – I’m pleased to announce that the paperback version of A Walk in the Woods is finally out. Here’s an extract from one of the short stories:


Six o’ clock in the morning. Another day Muriel would rather be dead. She opened her eyes and closed them again. Anne would be here soon. She tried not to cry, but Anne always made her cry.


Anne’s soft-soled shoes squeaked on the shiny surface of the floor. She looked at her watch. Six o’ clock. Another dreadful day to spend washing wrinkly skin, wiping sagging bottoms and changing one hideous floral outfit for another equally hideous floral outfit. She pushed the door open. Muriel. It was always Muriel first. Get the worst one over and done with. That had always been her motto.


Muriel heard the hinges heave. Anne was there, standing and watching. Muriel didn’t need to open her eyes to see the spiky black hair and surly smile. The beady black eyes would narrow soon and then she would spring forward, her hands hauling Muriel upwards. Muriel stayed as still as she could. If she were still enough, perhaps Anne would think she was dead. Perhaps if she wished hard enough, she would be.


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