Can You Tell A Story In…

It’s time for another five-word challenge. Last week I wanted something OLD from you. This week, I’m looking for something ODD. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word ODD in it somewhere?

Here are your creative thoughts on OLD from last week:

EDC Writing:

Old? Not looking – mirrors lie!


Aching knees. I’m getting old.

Old is gold, you know.

How old are you, really?

Kim Smyth:

I refuse to get old!

Live Love Quiz:

The old me came back.

Christine Mallaband-Brown:

Old eggs are quite smelly.

My old man’s a dustman.

Got old looking after him.

My old car is great.

The old tree is massive.

Roberta Writes:

Working hard makes you old.

Old age ends working life.

Paul L Mastaglio:

The old ways are gone.

Old and wiser? Maybe not!

Young and old unite together.

Trent’s World:

The Winter Cold Gets Old – an old-fashioned poem by Trent

My old hat freezes ears.

Hands frozen in old gloves.

Creates these old frozen tears.

My old body needs heat.

From head to old feet.

If no old fashioned fire.

My old fate is dire.

So old winter go away.

I wish for young spring today.

(OK, so the last line didn’t fit – I’d get old forcing it.)


Old? A socially conditioned concept.

Old means Only Live Daringly.

Cherish the old. They endure.

Forget New. Old is quality.


Old? just young with experience.

Getting old, better than not.

With old age comes cynicism.

Old age brings wisdom; really?

Simon Farnell:

I’m too old for this!

I’m told I’m too old.

You know it’s cold outside.

Chelsea Owens:

Nothing old is new again.

Old shoes? New shoe glue!

Old hat meant self-assured lecture.

Val Fish:

Growing old gracefully? How boring!

Peter Pan never grew old.

Looking old; major renovation needed!

Who remembers playing Old Maid?

Where’s my Old Age Pension?


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29 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. trentpmcd says:

    A five word odd story? That’s quite odd, I think. Others will find odd choice. I’m the odd one out… Five tries is quite odd 😉

  2. Mr Paul L Mastaglio says:


    Pick the odd one out.

    That’s very odd. You think?

    There’s an odd smell here!

    Cheers Paul 😀

  3. Ritu says:

    Oddly enough, I like you.
    The odds are, he wins.
    Look down. Oops! Odd socks!

  4. Danielle Dinally says:

    Talented yet, released, yeah odd!
    No story? Odd for sure
    There’s an odd sensation- life!

  5. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Get even with the odds.
    Fearful symmetry even in odd.
    Me odd? I’ll get even!
    Even odd socks smell unfortunately.

  6. Good to be odd today,
    My odd shaped potato waffle!
    He’s old and very odd.
    I have odd socks on.
    That is an odd story?

  7. Isn’t fat too odd?
    Do odd to make even.
    loud phones breaching odd.

  8. Simon says:

    Hello there Esther, I hope you have a great weekend. Let’s see what I can do here…

    I think I look odd.
    It’s odd how things work.
    I’m alone on my todd.

    Hehe… couldn’t resist 🙂

  9. I missed old, that’s odd!
    The odd woman is old.
    He has O.D.D. (old delirious disposition).

  10. That is a odd challenge!!
    or am I very odd??

  11. valfish56 says:

    Washing finished; odd socks again!

  12. It’s normal to be odd
    Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ is…odd
    Odd Bodkin got O’Neill sacked
    Odd couple freak out neighbours

  13. TELL A STORY IN 5 WORDS — COLD: From Murray Clarke

    No more cold Christmas turkey

    I quit caffeine cold turkey

    Feeling cold? Must be old!

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