Bite Size Writing Tips

Family Photosmore than just a memento

Photos of loved ones, including the beloved family pet, can often be found on our mantelpieces, windowsills or walls. The women’s weeklies all publish photos of babies, pets, special anniversaries and parties.

Wedding photos, whether it’s our own, a family member’s or friend’s, could be amongst the photos on show. Many of them have ideas for articles behind them. Was the wedding cancelled first time round because one of the wedding party was taken ill and rebooked when the person was better? Perhaps that made the day all the more special. One of the women’s weeklies or monthlies would be interested in a true-life story along those lines. The planning of the wedding itself has potential for a wedding magazine; whether it was a wedding with a difference, which deviated from tradition, or the magical day took place on a shoestring budget, a wedding magazine is certain to be interested in taking a look at an article about it.

Most of us have been on special holidays, which are captured on camera and displayed in our rooms to remind us of treasured moments, whether it was meeting Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, snorkelling in the Maldives, or jumping out of a plane in Australia. Even if your holiday seems ordinary to you, a magazine may not find it so. A number of the women’s weeklies publish readers’ holiday stories. All sorts of destinations are covered, from Bognor to Borneo. If your holiday involved something a little different e.g. ten bungee jumps in ten different cities or uncovering the lesser-known delights in a particular country, there’s potential for a travel piece for a newspaper or travel publication.    


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  1. Terence made our wedding very boring. He wouldn’t let me have Its the end of the world as you know it as our wedding song.

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