Bite Size Writing Tips

Do you find it difficult to start writing? Not sure what to write about? Try writing about the first thing you see when you look around the room.

A book of stamps? What instantly comes to mind? A love letter? Who is the letter to? Is the love reciprocated? What if it’s not?

Or pehaps it’s a drink of water you see. Perhaps the water supply has been poisoned. People are dying. Who’s behind it? What’s going to happen next?

Money may be the object that catches your eye. Does the image of a bank come to mind? An armed robbery could be taking place. Or maybe it’s a homeless man who doesn’t have any money who appears in your mind.

Even if you don’t develop these ideas into full stories, spend fifteen minutes seeing where your mind takes you. It’ll get your writing brain limbered up and hopefully give you some ideas you can use.


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