Markets For Writers

Fancy writing a drama script? Then take a look at the BBC Writersroom website. They are opening up a window for TV, stage, film, radio and film scripts.

The window opens on Monday 9th December 2019 and will close on Monday 6th January 2020.

Here’s a little bit of information about what they’re looking for:

We are especially looking for distinctive voices – and scripts that express those voices. We do not look for more of the same – we look for the writer’s ability to pull an audience into a world and hold them in it. It’s not necessarily about finding precincts or situations that have ‘never been done before’ but having an original take on stories that have the potential to have wide breadth of appeal. 

We want to see characters who are well rounded, consistent and who drive the action rather than are carried by it.  Also, a sense of storytelling ability – handling of pace, climax, mood for example.’

You’ll need to send in at least 30 pages. To find out more details and how to send your script, click here.


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