Bite Size Writing Tips

Re-read, Re-write and Re-submit

Do you save all your old stories? I do and now and then I’ll have a look back through them. I’ve discovered pieces I’d completely forgotten about. Most of you will be familiar with these – the ones you’ve entered into numerous competitions or which have done the rounds with the women’s weeklies or small press publications, all to no avail. Now I read each one with ‘wiser’ and definitely ‘older’ eyes, cringing at some (well, a lot!) and smiling at others (a few weren’t that bad). With work, some of them can be made into stories worth sending out.

So don’t throw out/send to the recycle bin any of your old stories. Even if no market comes to mind for them, do the titles start you thinking about other story ideas? Can you use the basic story idea and build on it? Perhaps you like some of the characters or some of your openings and/or endings could be used for other stories.

What are you waiting for? Dig out those old stories and re-read, re-write and re-submit.


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  1. I have been very fortunate, Esther, and everything I have written and submitted for publishing has been published. I have lots of half finished WIP document, but that is something else entirely.

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