Can You Tell A Story In…

Happy Halloween! It’s time for your weekly five-word challenge! For this week’s challenge, can you tell a story in five words, using the word VILLAIN in it somewhere?

Last week, your story needed to contain the word SQUASH. You sent in some fantastic stories. Here they are:

Trent’s World:

Pumpkin puree or squashed squash?

Previously squashed ambitions are fulfilled…


Orange squash. Drink of champions!

Ruth Scribbles:

I squashed the annoying bug.

My toe’s squashed. Car door.

Yellow squash is definately edible.

Squash that lie right now.

Paul Mastaglio:

Squash in. Make yourself cosy.

Squash? Ball keeps coming back!

Where is my squash racket?

Charles Norman:

Squash it and loose it!

Simon Farnell:

The squash bottle was empty.

I squashed the fly underfoot.

I love squashing the grapes.

Sharon Harvey:

Fancy a game of squash?

Squash is a refreshing drink.

I’m gonna totally squash you.

After Squash, drink some squash!

Val Fish:

Who remembers squashed fly biscuits?

Butternut squash soup; Halloween heart-warmer.

Daily commute; squashed like sardines.


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20 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Happy Halloween, Esther. I am not a villain. Villainous actions will be punished. Villainy is a serious crime.

  2. Kim Smyth says:

    The villain’s heart was black.

  3. trentpmcd says:

    Violent villains viciously violated Veronica. The villain stole the violin. (I guess I have something about alliteration in these stories…)

  4. The VILLAIN has red eyes.

    VILLAINs will be jailed tomorrow.

    Beware of the VILLAINs knocking.

  5. Ritu says:

    Politicians are real life villains…

    No cake left. Villainous thoughts…

    Villains are not all bad…

  6. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Cunning villain archetype of evil.

    Village villain vows vice victory.

    Halloween villain loses 31st date.

    Villain vs Hero. Staged politics.

  7. Tessa says:

    The dastardly villain was caught!
    Villains wait for the unsuspecting.
    Ice Cream produces villainous thoughts!

  8. Mr Paul L Mastaglio says:


    The villain of the piece.

    “She’s the villain. Not me!”

    “Sebastian. You’re a little villain!”

    Paul 😀

  9. Jocelyn Barker says:

    Villain Johnson – in a ditch?

    Sent from my iPad


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