Book Review: Stone Cold Heart

Stone Cold Heart by Caz Frear

The blurb says:

A fractured marriage

A silent family

A secret worth killing for

It only took me a few pages and I was hooked. Caz has a way of getting you to care for her main protagonist, police officer, Cat Kinsella, who is instantly likeable, but has plenty of flaws, with things going on in her private life, left, right and centre. Caz’s characterisation is superb; she makes you feel as if you yourself know the characters intimately, even if you don’t want to (the very dodgy murder suspect, Joseph Madden, being a prime example)!

If you like twists and turns, to deduce that the murderer is a certain person one minute, only to find that another suspect is thrust into the limelight the next, then you’ll love Stone Cold Heart. It’s packed full of shocks and secrets, as well as poignant moments to make you think, great banter between the team and a very satisfying ending. Sweet Little Lies was Caz’s first novel in the Cat Kinsella series. I’ll certainly be reading it and looking out for more books from Caz Frear in the future.


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2 Responses to Book Review: Stone Cold Heart

  1. This sounds very exciting, Esther. A great review.

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