A Fabulous Festival To Remember – Part Five

Here is the final instalment of my Harrogate Festival journey. Click for parts one, two, three and four if you missed them. Here is the final instalment of my Harrogate Festival journey.

Sunday morning dawned and we were due to set off for home. The Crime Festival still had half a day to go, but as I explained in parts one, two, three and four, we were only there for Friday and Saturday. However, after talking to my lovely friend, Jill, the night before, I’d discovered that if you’ve missed out on an event as all the tickets have been sold, you can go to the box office ten minutes before the event and queue for unused tickets. The reason being for this, she explained, is because a lot of the attendees have day or weekend rover tickets, meaning they pay a single price, which then entitles them to go to any of the talks they like on those days. But, of course, not everyone is able to, or wants to go to every single talk. So the organisers don’t know how many seats will be filled until everyone takes their seats during each actual event. Often several seats are left, meaning those queuing at the box office are able to buy a ticket and enjoy the talk too.

Now, we knew Jed Mercurio (he wrote Line of Duty and The Body Guard) was being interviewed by Steph McGovern on the Sunday at midday. We’d been keen to go to the talk as soon as we saw he was going to be there, but we had been too slow and tickets had sold very quickly and we’d missed out. Was it worth our going on the Sunday morning to try and get to see him? Too right it was!

So we arrived back at The Old Swan at eleven thirty and made our way to the box office. We were given tickets, a little like raffle tickets, or the ticket you get when you queue up in Clarks shoe shop to tell you that no, you’re not next in line; in fact, you have about thirty people ahead of you. Out of the two, with a sea of people who seemed to have arrived hours before in front of us, it felt more like being in Clarks shoe shop than it did being at a fete, waiting to see if I’d won a prize.

The Box Office

Well, our turn came and we got to see Jed Mecurio after all. It was definitely worth waiting for. Steph was a great interviewer and elicited plenty of interesting answers from Jed, about himself as well as the scripts he writes.

So we left the Crime Festival, and Harrogate, very happy and already thinking about next year’s event…

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5 Responses to A Fabulous Festival To Remember – Part Five

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    Sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. Ritu says:

    How cool that you got to see him!!!

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