Can You Tell A Story In…

Here’s a new five-word challenge for you. For this week’s challenge, can you tell a story in five words, using the word Lost in it somewhere?

Last week, your story needed to contain the word Toy. You sent in some very clever stories. Here they are:

Kim Smyth:

She toyed with her hair.

He buys me expensive toys.


Why toy with my feelings?

Sometimes, toys just aren’t enough…

Meet my new toy boy.

Toy shop? At Christmas? Never!

Naughty toy… Off switch jammed.

Toy shops are a nightmare!

Roberta Writes:

I have a toy collection.

Toy trains are for boys.

Val Fish:

Final Toy Story; Goodbye Woody.

Childhood toys evoke childhood memories.

Toys can’t replace mother’s time.

Ruth Scribbles:

She toyed with my emotions.

Toys are for all ages.

Play with your toys only.

Paul Mastaglio:

Real? Or just a toy?

Someone to toy with. Hmmm!

Charles Norman:

The joy of a toy!

Me…a toy boy again?

Chelsea Owens:

Oh, joy! Noisy grandparent toy.

Don’t toy with my clockwork.

Boy: toy. Joy! Annoy. Oy!

Simon Farnell:

Big boys and their toys.

No toys, the children cry!

Simon toyed with the idea.

Sharon Harvey:

Toy Story, a great film.

What a lovely thoughtful toy.

Toy soldiers, song by Martika.

Toy room, a child’s dream.


Share your toys with me.

She won’t share her toys.

Please don’t break my toys.

Stop breaking all the toys!


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28 Responses to Can You Tell A Story In…

  1. Ritu says:

    School holidays. Lost my marbles.

    Have you lost your mind?

    Lost purse. Can’t get home.

    Can’t lose weight because – chocolate!

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  2. Lost to the world, musing.

    Lost cat, please come home!

    Lost my heart, completely besotted.

    Found, then lost it again.

    I lost my hedgehog yesterday.

    Have you lost your home?

    Ring us for lost property.

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  3. Lost my keys. Locked out.
    Lost and found. Misplaced passport.
    Lost: Gone, vanished, missing, mislaid.

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  4. I’m lost in deep despair.
    Lost not found, despairing anxiety.
    She’s lost in the zoo.
    I lost a favorite earring.
    I found my lost earring.

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  5. Kim Smyth says:

    I’m lost in a yarn.
    Been lost before; it sucked!

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  6. Simon says:

    Hello there Esther, I think you’ve finally found a word that I can’t play with… hmmm.
    I’m lost in my mind.
    “Get Lost!” I tell them.
    Lost my Phone – I scream!

    I briefly toyed with the idea of using the word losing, but that was a stretch too far for me even. The tense and type of word seems totally different. So you got me here.
    Have a great weekend Esther 🙂

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  7. Sanandi-jacq says:

    Aneurysm. Lost love. Sixth anniversary.

    Cataloguing books. Lost in memories.

    Lost in Venice. Gondola saviour.

    Fossils lost in time unearthed.

    Found. All is not lost.

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  8. Mr Paul L Mastaglio says:

    Lost in space? Yeah, right!

    I’m lost. Forgot Sat Nav.

    Paul Mastaglio

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  9. I have lost my dream
    Have not lost my nightmares!


  10. Valerie Fish says:

    Another baby lost; absolutely heart-breaking.
    Lost four pounds; Chips tonight!
    Lost phone, end of world…

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  11. Love lost, lust battled!
    Lost of innocence, maturity.
    Lost written letters, found emails!
    Lost in school memmories, reunion.

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